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Cheapest Easter EggsIn just over a week the average kid will be getting EIGHT Easter eggs. I got that stat from Greg Wallace on a BBC documentary. I know he likes to exaggerate, but I think we can trust the Beeb on that one. That’s a crazy amount of chocolate! Imagine all the sick children after scoffing that lot.

I was one of those annoying kids who used to make mine last. I say annoying, but mainly to my sister who would have eaten all of hers by the afternoon. One year she craftily unwrapped each of my unopened eggs, took out the sweets inside, eat them, and wrapped the eggs back up. A week later I’d discover nothing inside.

Like my sister, for most of us Easter wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate. It’s normally much cheaper to buy chocolate as a bar than moulded into an egg shape. Plus the chocolate never tastes quite the same! But eggs are what people want. The manufactures know it and they charge us for it.

If you’re after the classic Cadbury type egg and willing to buy more than one, you can probably get an offer so they’re not too unreasonable. Anything a bit special like Lindt or Green & Blacks will have a massive mark up.

Of course as soon as they start reducing them, you can get some fantastic bargains out there!

If you fancy making them yourself, you can get a mould from Marks & Spencer for £6, with free delivery to store. Once you’ve made a few eggs, you’re quids in.

Anyway, here are some of the different deals on standard eggs (Cadbury, Mars etc) at the big sellers right now. Aim for under 100g per pound (£) if you really want value.

Tesco: 3 for £10 on large eggs (roughly from 200g to 350g) and two for £10 on giant eggs (from 340g to 380g)

Morrisons: Half price selected medium and large eggs

Asda: £1 for small eggs (from 100g to 200g); 3 for £10 on large eggs

Sainsbury’s: 3 for £3 on small eggs (from 100g to 200g); £2.50 for selected large eggs (230g to 347g)

Waitrose & Ocado don’t seem to have any decent offers on right now.

Thorntons: Though there’s a 20% off online code this weekend (code EAST), when you add on delivery charges, it cheaper to get them in the main supermarkets.

You can also get a freebie mini slab of Hotel Chocolat choc and a bag on mini choc eggs from WH Smiths via the O2 Priority Moments app – you don’t need to be on O2 to get it. Read our guide to find out how.

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