Competitions & prize draws (July 2021)

You’ve got to be in it to win it with these competitions.

If I spot any really good comps, usually free, I’ll share them here. For more on comping, read this guide or listen to this episode of the podcast.

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Pick My Postcode

Pick My Postcode: Free daily lottery

The Pick My Postcode Lottery is a free entry based on your postcode. There are nine draws a day with a random postcode selected each time.

Prizes vary, but the main draw is for £200. If no one claims it’s added to the pot for future draws.

To join you simply sign up with your postcode and email address, but you need to log in each day to see if you’ve won.

It’s funded by advertising but you can opt out of emails so you don’t need to worry about spam.

Pick My Postcode: July draw winners

If you entered the draw last month (1 to 28 July 2021) by visiting PMP, and your postcode matches these below, you’ve won a £10 bonus prize.

  • PE11 3RH
  • SE15 3PS
  • IP28 7DL
  • LE11 1AG
  • LA13 0EQ

To claim your prize please contact [email protected]

Draw terms & conditions

From 1 July until 28 July 2021, five readers of Be Clever With Your Cash can win a bonus £10 from Pick My Postcode (PMP). To be eligible you need to have signed up via Be Clever With Your Cash and visited PMP in this competition period. So this means it’s…

  • Anyone who registers for PMP this month via the link above, or
  • Anyone who has previously registered with Pick My Postcode via this blog and logs in to check their PMP account

If you meet that criteria then your postcodes will be put into an extra prize draw, and five will be picked. The winning postcodes will be revealed here at the start of August and you’ll then be able to head to PMP to claim your prize.


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