Clever Site: Compare estate agent fees

Find out the fees and performance for estate agents if you’re thinking of selling your house.

Buying and selling property is something I’ve never quite got around to writing about on Be Clever With Your Cash (possibly because it’s a frequent topic over at Your Money Advice!). However, I thought it was worth sharing this comparison site for anyone selling their home.

How GetAgent works

GetAgent is a free comparison site which looks at the different estate agents in your area – essentially offering a league table for how well they do at selling properties in your area.

Enter a few details about your home and you’ll be presented with the average selling time, how many properties they’ve listed in the last six months, and how often they achieve the asking price. This is all calculated via data taken from sites like Rightmove and OnTheMarket. In theory, these should give you a sense of how good the estate agent is.

You’ll also be presented with a guaranteed quote from the estate agents signed up to the service, though some of these take 24 hours to come through.

Together, these bit of info should help you work out if a lower fee is worth it, or if opting for a slightly higher one will (hopefully) get you a better sale price.

What happens to the information you enter?

A big worry when you sign up for any kind of comparison sites is what happens to your information. GetAgent say you won’t be getting any spam calls from agents as they mask your contact details.

If you decide to follow through with one of the quotes, you’ll then be put in touch with the estate agent to take things further and book a valuation.

Is it any good?

It’s obviously difficult to say how well it works without actually going on with the process and trying to sell your house – something I’m not doing!

However, I think it sounds pretty handy, and gives you a starting point at least for working out which estate agent to approach,

Of course, even though the data is useful, it’s worth asking for experiences of selling from neighbours! And don’t forget to try and haggle – you might be able to get the fee lowered.

GetAgent have given me an embedded link, so you can start the process below. You’ll be transferred to the main site to get the comparison data and quotes.



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