Clever money site #35: Avoid Amazon delivery charges 

A great tool to find you cheap items on Amazon when your basket is just shy of free delivery.

Ah Amazon, you promise offer so many cheap items on one hand, then increase the minimum order for free delivery to £20 with the other.

There are ways to work around and still get free delivery (read more here), but if you are short by pence rather than pounds, this handy search tool might be easier.

Student Money Saver has found a way to search quickly for cheap items to bring your basket to £20.

I tried it this week for £19.08 headphones, where delivery was quoted at £3.99. The Amazon Delivery Saver tool offered half a dozen simple and small things like shoe laces or measuring tape that cost around the magic 92 pence.

In an ideal world you’d buy something you will eventually use. Even if not, it saves the cost of delivery, in this case, £3.08.

Of course, it’s worth using comparison sites like Idealo to check you can’t buy your item cheaper elsewhere.

I actually ended up using my free trial of Amazon Prime as there were a few wedding items we needed to get, but I’ll definitely bear this in mind in the future.

>> Try the Amazon Delivery Saver tool at SMS

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