Clever money site #37: Find tons of freebies

There are so many freebies out there, it’s impossible for me to put them on Be Clever With Your Cash.

So I thought it was worth telling you about Latest Free Stuff.

Everyday there are free samples listed on the site. From free razor blades and bottles of coke to make up and soup.

Redemption varies. Some simply let you print off a voucher, others you have to register and submit your email or address etc. 

Most of the time Latest Free Stuff simply points you to other websites to do this.

I’d advise setting up a new email address if you’re not sure about the company offering the deal. It’s also a good idea if you want to avoid loads of junk mail! 

There are a lot of offers listed, though you’re unlikely to find anything worth more than a few quid. More often than not the freebies are small samples (e.g. a single tea bag), while some are a little random (such as a wedding veil sample). 

However it’s still a great site to check if you’ve got the time.

>> Check out Latest Free Stuff


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