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Do you travel by the tube? If it ‘s part of your daily commute the frequent delays can get a bit much. It’s possible to make a claim for delays over 15 minutes but TLF doesn’t make it easy for you.

I recently discovered and it looks like it’ll take all the effort out of it.

You need to first register your Oyster with TFL. This is a good idea anyway as if you lose it you’ve control to stop others using the card.

Next sync up your Oyster account with Claim My Refund. It’ll then monitor your journey histories for any delays over 15 minutes and submit them for you. The money will be credited to your Oyster. Easy!

Contactless cards also work as long as they are registered on your Oyster account.

There’s no guarantee you’ll get the money as TFL only refunds if it’s something within their control. If your delay is down to someone being ill on a train, that’s a no go and the claim will be rejected.

I’ve been a member for a month and had two delayed journeys over 15 minutes. One was rejected but the other paid out £3.80. Let’s say the same thing happens each month and I’ll be over £45 better off each year.

It’s a free service, though if you pay £1.99 you wont’ see any adverts on the webpage.

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