Christmas Is Over! Let’s Get Ready For Christmas!

What? Christmas? That’s only just happened… You’re joking right?

Nope! Next Monday is Twelfth Night, which means it will finally time to take down the Christmas decorations, put away the port and wait 360 odd days until it’s back. But if you’re clever with your cash now, you’ll be able to have an even better one next year.

Crafty cutbacks

Last year we spent so much time out of the house at each other’s folks places and the usual attempts to catch up with everyone, that Becky insisted the decorations stay up until the last moment. So we whacked on the final mulled wine of the season, put our festive Spotify mix on (The theme from Home Alone 2 for her, Sufjan Stevens for me) and began dismantling the lights, tree etc.

As we took down the cards I realised we had some pretty nice ones. I always have mixed feelings about any kind of card. It’s great to receive one, but a few weeks later it’ll end up in the recycling. It just feels like such a waste to me. But in the back of my mind somewhere I remembered that as kids, my mum would get out the scissors and make some DIY present tags for the following year. Great idea! I’m sure loads of people do this already, but it meant we had a stash ready for this year’s pressies, and I’m sure we’ll do it again next week.

Spruce up next years tree

And it’s not just some crafty craft skills that can get you ready. If you want to be clever with your cash, the January sales are the perfect time to get some supplies. Here are my 4 top sales to save for next Christmas.

  1. Shops such as Paperchase have marked Christmas cards down by 50%, with further cuts expected soon.
  2. Need some new lights for the tree? Argos and B&Q are among the biggest discounters as they clear stock.
  3. Wrapping paper has been found as low as 10p a roll in Asda.
  4. Broken a few baubles? John Lewis’s fancy tree decorations are on sale.
Stuff yourself with cut price Christmas cake

Ok, this one’s not for next year, but if you love your lebkuchen and savour your stollen, you might find these seasonal products half price or more, but with use by dates well in to May.

You can also get some decent choc from the likes of Lindt for a lot less. Who says you can’t give a bunny at Easter?

Start saving now

You probably spent more than you expected this year didn’t you? The best way to make sure you don’t start the New Year still paying off Christmas presents and parties is to put aside extra throughout the year.

Add up everything you spent – don’t forget the extras like travel, novelty jumpers and stamps for cards – and divide it by 12. That’s the amount you need to put away each month to have the same amount next year. You can use my budget template to help you work it out.

This is just the tip of the festive iceberg. Share below what you’ve found and where.


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