Chip app review – Can it help you put money into savings?

With automatic saves, can this app help you put money away?

FinTech – or financial technology – is big businesses. Every week a new app launches which promises to revolutionise your finances. And every month or so another one disappears (Yolt, OneDox and more).

One that’s been around for a good few years now is Chip. I was a big fan, until the addition of a fee dented its appeal. But that’s now changed, with a revamp that brings the core features back for free users.

And though it’s a lot less than previous rates, the linked 0.7% 0.61% (the rate was cut on 20 Jan 22) savings account isn’t actually bad in comparison to other options.

So is it worth getting or sticking with? Here’s my review of how Chip works.

Chip app review

What is Chip?

Chip is an automated saving app for your phone or tablet. It analyses your current account and works out how much you can afford to save – and then does it for you by moving the money to a separate account.

It also offers a savings rate of 1% AER on up to £85,000, which is decent enough for easy access accounts right now.

How much does Chip cost?

In January 2022 Chip changed the fee structure, and I hope this one sticks (there were three changes in six months in 2020!). There are now just two options (which apply to new and existing customers):


This is the free tier and the default one when you sign up. I think this is the option most of you will need. With this you get:

  • Autosavings
  • Access to 1% AER savings account


There is a £3 fee for this, charged every 28 days (so you pay 13 lots in a year, not 12). My review won’t look at these features as they’re only worth it if you are investing, and even then might not be the best option for you.

In addition to the free features, ChipX users get:

  • Cheaper investment charges (0.25% rather than 0.5% if you invest via the basic Chip plan)
  • Access to specialist investmenet funds

How does Chip help you save?

There are a couple of ways you can use Chip to boost how much of your money goes into savings.


I really love the “big idea” behind Chip. With automated savings, the app’s “AI” (artificial intelligence – don’t worry it’s not Terminator) algorithm analyses your spending habits, and based on what goes in and out of your account (along with general data about all its users) Chip will suggest an amount you can afford to save each week.

The amount will vary depending on how much money you have in your account and how often you spend it. It could be just a few quid, or a decent chunk. In theory, you shouldn’t really notice that the money has gone.

This is great for those who always plan to save but never get around to it. The autosaves can quickly add up.

How often does Chip save money?

By default Chip will suggest savings for you every four days. You can pause auto-saves for a week, two weeks or a custom date up to three months away. 

It can take up to three working days for your money to reach the linked account.

How to cancel autosaves

You have until 3pm to choose to stop this payment if you wish. If you’re happy with the suggested amount you don’t need do anything and the money will automatically be sent to your Chip account.

How much can you save with Chip?

Chip says the average is £20. There are five levels of auto-saves, with one being the lowest. By default, you’re at level 3, but it’s easy to switch between them in the app. 

Overdraft savings

I’m not a fan of this feature which allows you to move money from your overdraft into Chip. If you do this you’ll likely end up paying huge overdraft fees. Personally I’d avoid activating it.

Minimum balances

This is a handy cap you can put so that Chip won’t every take money out of your connected bank account past a certain balance. This can ensure you don’t ever go overdrawn or not have enough cash for other payments.

Splitting your autosaves

You have the option to choose how much of your autosaves goes into each savings account or goal (more on these later). So you could put 80% into the main savings account, but 20% into another.

Payday saves

I’m always encouraging you to set up a standing order to move money to a savings account just after payday. This means you will always put aside the amount you know you can afford early on – and not “accidentally” spend it without realising.

Ideally you’d move this money to your savings account that offers the best interest rate. But if that account is with Chip then you’d need to use the inbuilt Payday saves feature.

Savings goals

The savings goals feature is useful in helping you identify what you’re saving for, and track your progress against the targets you set.

You can enter a name, date and amount to help motivate you to keep saving. You can have as many as you want, and allocate how much of your autosaves goes to each goal. 

The money isn’t held in separate pots for these goals (as you would with Starling or Monzo). It’ll still sit in whichever account you’ve chosen for your money.

Save streaks

The more you save without cancelling a transfer or withdrawing cash the longer your savings streak will be. In theory, this keeps you motivated to keep on saving, though I doubt you’ll pay much attention.

Chip’s savings accounts

The money you auto or manually save to Chip sits in one of the connected accounts. Right now there’s only one, though Chip says it has plans to bring customers more accounts with competitive rates in the future.

How much interest can you earn?

When Chip started it offered up to 5%, which was a huge plus for me. This then dropped to 1.25% via the now-defunct Chip+1 account. Not great, but better than elsewhere. Those accounts are a thing of the past.

Now it’s 0.7% 0.61% (the rate was cut on 20 Jan 22), which is a variable rate held in an account with Chip’s partner Allica Bank. This rate sounds awful when compared to the past options. But actually it’s one of the better ones available right now.

Interest is compounded daily and added to your balance. You can save up to £85,000 in the account.

Is it really the best paying savings account?

I have slight issues with Chip sometimes promoting this rate as “market-leading”, even when competitors were offering slightly more on their easy-access accounts. But this is splitting hairs when those differences are so marginal. That could however change when (not if) other banks beat this rate.

Indeed, it can be beaten, with some accounts elsewhere offering 2%, but only on limited balances. This means if you have more than a few grand then this would likely require you to split that money across multiple accounts. If you just want a single account then Chip is a decent option.

How do you withdraw your money?

It’s easy to withdraw your money, with just a few clicks in the app to send the money to your conneted account.

Sadly it isn’t instant. It’ll take two working days to reach your current account, though if you submit the withdrawal before 11am, it’ll move the next day.

Bear in mind that deposits take three working days to clear. So if you just put some money into the account and go to withdraw it on the same day, you’re looking at five working days. If that’s over a weekend you’ll need to add two days on top.

The only exception is if you don’t keep your money in one of the interest paying accounts. There is a Chip Savings Account option, but I’d avoid this since there’s no interest.

Is your money safe in Chip?

Yes. If you put the money in one of the interest paying accounts you then get FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) protection. This means if the bank goes bust the government guarantees up to £85,000. Great.

Is Chip safe?

This all comes down to how comfortable you feel with sharing your data. The open banking connection gives Chip access to the details in your account, but there is bank-level encryption security put in place.

In terms of accessing your money, it can only move money between your Chip account and your connected bank account.

How do you set up Chip?

To start you must have a smartphone. Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign up and don’t forget to enter a promo code if you have one (more details on this below).

You then connect to your bank. It’s actually quite easy to set up thanks to Open Banking which will take you through to your banking app to authorize permissions. It’ll take maybe 30 seconds.

Once set up make sure you turn notifications on. This will allow the app to alert you when it wants to start saving for you and give you instant notice if you want to cancel an autosave.

If you want to open the connected Allica savings account, you don’t get it automatically. You will need to do this in the app. It’s easy to do with a couple of clicks.

Which banks work with Chip?

  • Bank of Scotland
  • Barclays
  • Danske
  • First Direct
  • HSBC
  • Halifax
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Monzo
  • Nationwide
  • Natwest
  • RBS
  • Revolut
  • Santander
  • Starling
  • TSB
  • Ulster Bank

Changing your bank

You can only link one bank account to Chip and it’s a bit of a pain to change it. You just need to go into the live chat and ask them to cancel the connection to your current bank. But doing this will mean any money you have saved will be sent back to the initial account and you’ll have to start again

Chip promo codes

Since Chip started there have been a few different promo codes. First you could get up to 5% interest with a code, and then in 2019 and early 2020 there was a £10 bonus for signing up. Since January 2022, there was £20 on offer. This offer ended 29 April 2022.

To enter a code:

  • Go to the profile tab
  • Select “Promos and Rewards”
  • Choose “Enter a code”
  • Type in your code

Chip: £20 welcome bonus (expired)

The Autosavings app Chip is offering new customers £20 if they sign up with the code CLEVER22 before 29 April 2022. You’ll need to then save at least £1 by 7 May 2022, and leave it in the account until 7 June 2022 when the bonus will be paid.

To avoid any charges make sure you select the free “Chip” membership tier. This is the default option when you sign up.

You’ll be able to earn 0.61% AER (variable) in the Allica account accessed via the app, and you can save up to £85,000 in there.

Is Chip any good?

Andy’s Verdict

I’m a fan of the auto-savings feature so I’m delighted it’s free again to all Chip users. It can be a great way to boost your savings without any effort.

Though it works in the same way as Plum, it has the added advantage (for now at least) of offering a hard to beat interest rate. So I’d personally switch my autosaving over to Chip.

And it’s also a good destination for larger savings – though make sure you check out my top savings account guide first of all.

The main negative though is that it can take time for any deposits to clear in Chip and for withdrawals to reach your connected account.

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  1. This is a pretty good app, thank you Andy.



  2. This is a great app for those who find saving difficult.

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  12. Rebecca Fairclough March 18, 2019 at 4:42 pm

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  14. I downloaded the app, and went through the sign up process – as far as connecting my bank account, although for some reason, it got as far as showing me my accounts, but failed when I selected one to save with.
    Nowhere did I see an option to enter a referral code.

    Has this facility gone now?

    1. Hi Tony, you should be asked to enter the code during the sign-up process. There’s a chat option in the app. Go into there and ask them if you missed it, and see if they’ll apply it for you. Let me know what happens

      1. Thanks, yes it was right at the end after I’d linked my bank account which initially it wouldn’t let me do. So I’m all set up now thanks.

        Out of interest has anyone managed to open 2 chip accounts linked to different bank accounts?

        1. I think you’d need two different phone numbers, if not two different phones – tho a sim only might do it…

  15. I have used Chip for a year and have saved loads with it without really noticing. You can see my original review from Feb 18. It is easy to use from your phone and you can transfer money in if you are a bit more flush. I have taken money out periodically and it has been easy and quick. I would certainly recommend it. Please use my code D5YELM for 1% interest.

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  43. I’ve just used it for a year.
    Fwiw I found it ok, I just wanted to use it as a savings account so it was a bit of a pain manually adding £100 a day for the first 6 days of a month.
    I didn’t like the interface either, it wants to present itself as a bot, but you only have about 8 buttons, so it just ends up wasting space and obscuring basic info. Even the gif selection is limited, you’ve seen them all after a month so it isn’t even fun ‘collecting’ a new one.
    The biggest problem is that interest rate. On attempting to withdraw it, the interest came separately because its from the “marketing” budget, which says to me this is a temporary thing not part of the core product.
    I also have issues with the pyramid scheme aspect of it. I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable encouraging 5 of my friends to sign up every year just to get a decent interest rate for myself (what kind of friend is that?). And I would encourage you (Andy) not to do the same.

    1. Yes, and there’s the problem that after a year if you want to keep the interest rate as you’ll need to refer yet more friends. Though starting off with 3% is better than you’ll get at most banks. But for the first year at least – and if you need help putting money aside – I think it’s worth going for.

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  62. So far so good, I was a bit sceptical at first but knowing that your money is actually being held in a Barclays E-Wallet is reassuring. Works effortlessly in the background and you can increase or lower your spending settings or even pause if you know you’re going to be spending a lot over the next few days/weeks.

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  77. Hi, is the 5% rate you blagged an introductory rate until the 27th July and then decreasing to 1% or will it be 5% for the foreseeable future?

    1. Good clarification! You’ll get the 5% for a year, then you can top it up by 1% by referring friends (up to another 5%)

  78. Thanks for this tip. How are the creators making money from this?

    1. I think there is an error above. Article and comments state that Get Chip is not currently FSCS protected and the money they put in Barclays for you would not be compensated if Barclays went under. Get Chip said in May that they are looking into getting FSCS protection in the future.

      1. Thank Ben, I’ve updated

    2. I imagine they’ll be adding in features which they can make money off at some point


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