Cheap Nights In – w/c 24th March

Staying in at all this week? Here are the picks of TV and on-demand to keep you entertained without breaking the bank.



ON-DEMAND: Elysium, Blinkbox
ON-DEMAND: Cutie and the Boxer, Blinkbox

The pick of the 99p Monday offers are a Matt Damon/Jodie Foster sci-fi flick from the director of District 13 and the Oscar winner for Documentary about the 40 year marriage between two New York artists. You can only get them for this price on Monday, but you have 30 days to start watching the rental. Once you start it, you have 48 hours before it expires. Click here to find the offer and code.

TV/ON-DEMAND:Modern Family, 8.30pm, Sky One / Now TV
TV/ON-DEMAND:The Walking Dead, 9pm, Fox / Now TV

Even if you don’t subscribe to Sky or Virgin, you can watch both of these, past episodes and other shows via Sky’s Now TV online service. You can get the first month of the Entertainment Package on a free trial, then it’s currently £4.99 a month after that (though it will probably go up in May). Read our guide here, or just click here to get your free trial.

TV: Wilfred, 12am, BBC Three / iPlayer

Bizarrely scheduled, watch this off beat comedy series on iPlayer. It’s basically about Elijah Wood’s character thinking his neighbours dog Wilfred can talk.


TV: Food Prices: The Shocking Truth, 9pm, Channel 4

Jamie Oliver’s mate Jimmy looks into why everything is getting pricier.

ON-DEMAND: Line Of Duty, 9pm, iPlayer

If you didn’t catch this, you’ve until 9pm tomorrow to blitz through all six episodes!


FILM: Big , 7pm, Film4
FILM: The Italian Job , 9pm, More4

A couple of classics!

TV: Masterchef, 9pm, BBC One

It’s back! I sometimes feel it’s a little overkill to have so many episodes a week (It’s on tomorrow and Friday too), but there’s a reason it’s so popular. And it’s a great reason to revisit this video

TV: W1A, 10pm, BBC Two

Olympics comedy Twenty Twelve rightly won loads of comedy awards. This follow up series sees Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes start working at the BBC. Having worked at the BBC for years I thought it was a little self indulgent (Alan Yentob wrestling Salman Rushdie), but I’m sure loads of you recognise the modern hot-desking nightmare of work!


TV: Salting The Battlefield, 9pm, BBC Two

Turks & Caicos was brilliant last week, so I’ve high hopes for the third part in this Bill Nighy starring spy trilogy.

TV: Believe, 9pm, Watch

This new supernatural series from J.J Abrams (Lost, Star Trek) and directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity) has got mixed reviews for the first episodes, but with those two behind it, it’s worth giving it a few episodes


FILM: Wall Street , 10.25pm, More4

Before he went crazy, Charlie Sheen could act!


TV/ON-DEMAND:True Detective, 9pm, Sky Atlantic / Now TV

Episode 5 was the best one yet! Loving this series.

FILM:Old School, 9.20pm, BBC Three
FILM:The Blues Brothers, 9pm, ITV4
FILM:We Need To Talk About Kevin, 10.30pm, BBC Two

Depending on your mood, some strong movies on tonight.


TV/ON-DEMAND: Game Of Thrones, 9pm, Sky Atlantic / Now TV

The new series is a few weeks away, and thinking about this episode from season three still sends me into shock. I won’t give any spoilers but if you haven’t seen any of them, you can catch up on every series on Sky’s streaming service Now TV. As mentioned above, you can get the Entertainment Package on a free trial, then it’s currently £4.99 a month after that (though it will probably go up in May). Read our guide here, or just click here to get your free trial. You can stream it via your computer so you don’t need any fancy equipment.

TV: Louis Theroux: LA Stories, 9pm, BBC Two

It’s been a few years, but we’ve finally got a couple of new documentaries from Louis Theroux. They focus on extreme aspects of life in LA.

Radio Pick

This week it’s BBC Radio 5 Live’s 20th birthday. To celebrate there will be special pieces throughout the day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday called “5 Changed My Life”, and a special show “5 Live at 20” on Friday at noon will chart the milestones they’ve covered.


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