Cheap Nights In – w/c 17th March

Staying in at all this week? Here are the picks of TV and on-demand to keep you entertained without breaking the bank.



ON-DEMAND: Man of Steel, Blinkbox
ON-DEMAND: The Great Beauty, Blinkbox

The pick of the 99p Monday offers are the Superman reboot staring Henry Cavil and the Bafta/Oscar winner for Best Film In A Foreign Language. You can only get them for this price on Monday, but you have 30 days to start watching the rental. Once you start it, you have 48 hours before it expires. Click here to find the offer and code.

TV/ON-DEMAND:Modern Family, 8.30pm, Sky One / Now TV
TV/ON-DEMAND:The Walking Dead, 9pm, Fox / Now TV

Nathan Lane is as brilliant as ever as Pepper, who returns to Modern Family to help Cameron and Mitch plan their wedding. Don’t be put off by the gore, The Walking Dead is the best show around.

Even if you don’t subscribe to Sky or Virgin, you can watch both of these, past episodes and other shows via Sky’s Now TV online service. You can get the first month of the Entertainment Package on a free trial, then it’s currently £4.99 a month after that (though it will probably go up in May). Read our guide here, or just click here to get your free trial.

TV: Wilfred, 12am, BBC Three

Set to record. I’m not sure what the schedulers are thinking, but series three of this US comedy starts at midnight with the first four episodes. It’s basically about Elijah Wood’s character thinking his neighbours dog Wilfred can talk. The past seasons have been really funny.


TV: Food Prices: The Shocking Truth, 9pm, Channel 4

Jamie Oliver’s mate Jimmy looks into why everything is getting pricier. Second part next week.


ON-DEMAND/TV: Line Of Duty, 9pm, BBC Two

If you haven’t been watching, get on iPlayer NOW to catch up before this final episode. Wednesday’s won’t be the same without it.

TV: W1A, 10pm, BBC Two

Olympics comedy Twenty Twelve rightly won loads of comedy awards. This follow up series sees Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes start working at the BBC. Should be hilarious.


TV: Turks & Caicos, 9pm, BBC Two

Bill Nighy returns as the ageing spy in this sequel to the brilliant Page Eight from a couple of years ago (currently on iPlayer). The third part in the trilogy is next week.

FILM: The Pledge , 9pm, Turner Classic Movies

Jack Nicholson has never been better in this Sean Penn directed detective thriller.


FILM: A Prophet, 12.50am, Film4

Ok, so strictly speaking it’s on Saturday morning. This French prison/crime drama won plenty of awards on it’s release in 2009.


TV/ON-DEMAND:True Detective, 9pm, Sky Atlantic / Now TV

Not started yet? You’ve until 23rd March to watch the first episode before it disappears from Sky’s Now TV. The first four are on catch up, and there are just four more to go, so you should be able to see the whole thing for free with the 30 day free trial.

ON-DEMAND:Veronica Mars, Blinkbox

The cheapest way to stream the new Veronica Mars movie is with a code on Blinkbox. Read our article here on how to save 25% (or even get it free!)


TV: Louis Theroux: LA Stories, 9pm, BBC Two

It’s been a few years, but we’ve finally got a couple of new documentaries from Louis Theroux. They focus on extreme aspects of life in LA, this one the dog culture. Always interesting.


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