Cheap Night In – Tues 11/2


TV picks:

Inside The Animal Mind, BBC Two, 9pm

I caught the end of the first episode the other week and straight away headed to iPlayer to catch it all. Some of the things these animals can do are amazing.

Parks & Recreation, BBC Four, 10.30pm

In America it’s on season 7. Here we’re just starting season 3! A cult hit over the water, it’s not as strong as Arrested Development, 30 Rock or Modern Family (what is?), but great performances all round make this a welcome return.

Film pick

Iron Man, E4, 7.35pm
Back in 2008 no one would have thought Robert Downey Jr would be the most bankable star in the world, let alone from a superhero movie. Great fun, mainly down to his winning turn as Tony Stark.


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