Cheap Night In w/c 21st April

Staying in at all this week? Here are the picks of TV and on-demand to keep you entertained without breaking the bank.



FILM: Now You See Me Blinkbox
FILM: We’re The Millers Blinkbox

Today’s 99p film picks are heist thriller Now You See Me and Jennifer Aniston comedy We’re The Millers. You can only rent them at this price today but you have 30 days to watch. Click through to the Movie Mondays page (**They’re still having problems with this as of 6.21pm, so it’s worth trying but as it stands it doesn’t work**) and enter the code MONDAYS115 to rent for that price. For more on Blinkbox and how to get £6 credit for just £1 when you sign up, see our Clever Site guide.

TV: Shop Secrets, 7.30pm, Channel 4

It’s all stuff we’ve seen before, but there are some interesting insights into how shops and businesses trick you into buying stuff you don’t want.

TV/ON-DEMAND:Modern Family, 8.30pm, Sky One / NOW TV

Still as funny as ever. Even if you don’t subscribe to Sky or Virgin, you can also watch Modern Family, past episodes and other shows via Sky’s Now TV online service (see below for details).

TV: Amazon’s Retail Revolution, 9pm, BBC Two

It can be hard to beat prices at Amazon which makes them a regular stop for most online shoppers. This documentary from the BBC business team looks at their success as well as accusations of tax avoidance and poor treatment of employees.

TV/ON-DEMAND: Game Of Thrones, 9pm, Sky Atlantic/NOW TV

How happy were you about last week’s twist? About time! You don’t need to have Sky to watch it. Instead you can watch each episode live or on catch up with their on-demand service NOW TV (it’s their iPlayer). The first 30 days are free, then it’s £4.99 a month (for people who sign up before the end of May), so you could watch the whole thing for a tenner. Click here to get your free trial, or read our full article about the Cheapest Ways to Watch Game Of Thrones for more details.
Unreal Money: Game Of Thrones


ON-DEMAND: Spring Kitchen With Tom Kerridge, iPlayer

It’s actually a new daytime series on BBC One, but for most of us that means catch up on iPlayer. Kerridge is always good so this could be a great guide to some seasonal cooking.

TV: The Big Allotment Challenge, 8pm, BBC Two

We had baking, then sewing. What next… Ferne Britton presenting an allotment competition? Oh.

TV: New Worlds, 9pm, Channel 4

The sequel to English Civil War drama The Devil’s Whore ends.


TV/ON-DEMAND: Mad Men, 10pm, Sky Atlantic/Now TV
This is the final series, though it’s split into two parts of seven episodes and the second batch will be this time next year. If you don’t have Sky you can watch the whole of the first part for under a fiver. To do this you need to sign up for a free 30 day trial for Sky’s NOW TV Entertainment package (it’s their iPlayer) and then sign up for a further month at just £4.99. We think this is a great deal, as it also includes box sets of previous series and other Sky shows such as Game Of Thrones and Modern Family.

To watch you can either connect a laptop to your TV, watch on a tablet or computer, or buy a heavily subsidised NOW TV box for £9.99 (this also lets you watch iPlayer and 4OD on your TV). Make sure that your broadband contract has a decent data limit, as going over can cost. Click here to get your free trial.
How much does It cost to be Don Draper. Man Men infographic


TV: The Big Bang Theory, 8pm, E4

It might not be as good as it once was, but it’s still full of big laughs.

TV: Protecting Our Parents, 9pm, BBC Two

The first of a series which speaks to the elderly and their families about getting old. A clip shown on Breakfast looked quite moving.

FILM: Saving Private Ryan, 9pm, Film4

It’s still as powerful today, even though every war film copies Spielberg’s grainy, handheld battle scenes.


FILM: Source Code, 9pm Film4

David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones followed up the brilliant Moon with this pretty good Groundhog Day style sci-fi actioner starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

TV: Have I Got News For You , 9pm, BBC One

Some critics have been saying it’s time to finish, but I think it’s still well worth watching.

TV: The Trip To Italy, 10pm, BBC Two

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon return as themselves in this semi improvised comedy that follows them as they travel and write restaurant reviews. This time they go to Italy.
The Trip To Italy infographic


FILM: The Deer Hunter, 9pm, ITV4

Robert DeNiro and Christopher Walken star in the classic (though long) Vietnam war movie


TV: Fargo, 9pm, Channel4

Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman star in this TV remake of the Coen Brother’s 90s classic. It’s meant to be very good.

FILM: The Artist, 9pm, BBC Two

I loved this movie so much when it came out I saw it twice at the cinema – that’s incredibly rare for me! A must see if you haven’t already.


Mon-Fri: 15 Minute Drama: Incredible Women, 7.45pm, Radio 4

Rebecca Front (Alan Partridge; The Thick Of It) stars as a different woman each day in this spoof documentary. She’s always good so this should be funny.


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