Cash Chats #95 – The best cashback and reward credit cards

You could be hundreds of pounds better off if you swap your debit card or cash for a credit card that pays you every time you spend.

If you manage them right, a cashback credit card can be the best weapon you have in your wallet to boost your income. Here Andy shares when you should get one (and when you shouldn’t), as well as his pick of the cards on the market.




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3 thoughts on “Cash Chats #95 – The best cashback and reward credit cards

  1. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for rounding up the best cashback/Rewards credit card. I was expecting to hear from you regarding the Reward credit from Natwest/RBS and HSBC.

    I have a reward account in RBS and got the reward credit card as well. Cashback details below

    – 1% in Rewards on your supermarket spend (0.5% at their petrol stations)
    – Between 1-15% in Rewards at selected MyRewards retailers
    – Earn 0.5% everywhere else you shop
    – The card’s annual fee is refunded if you have a Reward current account

    1. Hi Hari, with Amex you can get 1% at more than just the supermarkets, which is why it’s my top pick, and Tandem is a good second choice which also gives 0.5% but also has the fee-free overseas spending feature. Also though those bonus offers can be good, and you get them on lots of cards (Halifax, Lloyds for example). But how useful it is all depends on the offers at the time, so I’ve not taken them into account. BUT if you already have a card like the one from Natwest, then it might not be worth switching!


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