Cash Chats ep61: What’s wrong with the high street?

The high street has been back in the news with M&S and Carphone Warehouse the latest to announce massive store closures, and a survey from Which? revealing the shops we like the least. It doesn’t look great for the high street.

I now live in a relatively wealthy part of Yorkshire compared to other parts, and there are lots of independent shops and restaurants. But in the three months I’ve been here we’ve lost the H&M, Byron, Maplin, Game, Thorntons, East, Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, Mulityork, Jamies Italian and some local independents too.

What’s the end game? Where I grew up in Kent the nearby towns are essentially just pound shops and charity shops. And why is it happening?

Well in this week’s episode I’ve looked at some of the causes – and shared a few things we can do to try stop the rot.

This week’s links

>> Which? Magazine’s survey of the best and worst of the high street
>> The very funny WHS_Carpet twitter account


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