Cash Chats ep 59: Ask Andy old clothes, credit cards and GDPR

Another Ask Andy special where I answer your questions. This time I tackle the H&M clothes recycling scheme, paying off credit card debts and why you’re getting so many emails from businesses.

Here are the questions.

Swapping old clothes for money off vouchers

Elizabeth asked:

I have just been told about the H&M scheme to recycle old, worn clothes and textiles for a £5 voucher. I have 3 questions:

  1.  Does this happen in the Shrewsbury branch?
  2.  Is there a specified bag size?
  3. How long is the voucher valid?

Paying off multiple credit cards

Karl asked:

Hi Andy, I’ve recently started listening to your podcast show. I was wondering if there was an app available were you could input all your credit card data and it works out who to pay most to, who to pay the minimum and who/when to transfer a balance? I have six cards.

Emails and GDPR

This one was from my friend at the pub:

Why am I getting so many emails asking me to update my details?

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