Cash Chats ep51: Are you paying too much for your Council Tax?

There’s a good chance your Council Tax bill will be bigger from April 2018, so I’ve taken a look at the ways you can potentially save some money – and possibly even get a backdated refund.

Councils are allowed to hike your Council Tax bill by 3%, and some as much as 5.99% when the new bills are sent around in late March, adding yet more to the bills we have to pay.

But there are a few ways you might be able to save. Most of you should be able to get 1% or 2% back from a couple of banks, which is better than nothing. Some of you might also be eligible for a discount, and a few of you – if you’re willing to put some work in – might even be able to get your Council Tax band downgraded.

I’ve discussed all of these on this week’s podcast, and there are more links below.

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