Cash Chats 44: How you can be clever with your cash in 2018

In the first episode of the podcast’s second season I want to share how being clever with your cash can save you a huge amount of money this year.

When I started the blog in 2014 I set myself a challenge. I wanted to see just how much money I could save in a year. And not through being frugal and cutting back. Instead it was just through making simple decisions to ensure I got the best value for money every time I could.

And it worked. I was managed to save close to £14,000 over those 12 months. Tune in to hear me explain a little but more about how you can follow the same principles this year.

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> Read about my 2014 Save-ometer and see how I was able to save £14k


2 thoughts on “Cash Chats 44: How you can be clever with your cash in 2018

  1. Hey Andy! Great podcast – I do exactly the same! There are always freebies/discounts/deals around. Granted you have to take the time to find them first, fill out the forms etc. But once you’re set to go, you do receive your rewards. With time, these add up. And sometimes it’s just nice to get a free little surprise! Another tip for London (may apply to other cities too), check the deals in your local borough – there are often special deals if you work or live in a particular area!

    1. Thanks Nat!


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