Cash Chats podcast episode 17 Money and Mental Health special w/ guest Helen Undy

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, this week’s Cash Chats podcast is a little different. Rather than chat about different things myself and my guest have written, we’re going to focus on one topic –  mental health.

You’re probably thinking what’s mental health got to do with a personal finance podcast? Well, the two are more interlinked than you might at first think.

People with mental health problems are three times as likely to be in problem debt. And this isn’t an isolated issue. It affects a huge number of us. One in four in the UK will experience a mental health condition in any year, so even if you don’t suffer from an illness yourself, you will no doubt know someone who does.

So for this episode, I’m joined by Helen Undy from the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute to talk about how the two are interlinked. For listeners who don’t know, Money and Mental Health is a charity that was set up last year by Martin Lewis, who you’ll no doubt know from the site Money Saving Expert and his ITV show.

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