Cash Chats podcast episode 16 with guest Hannah Brice

In my latest podcast find out how to save on fashion, why you should be switching bank and get some help to prepare your finances for the summer.

This week I’ve been joined by Hannah Brice from the Feast Style Thrive blog. As ever, links to all the topics we discuss can be found at the bottom of the article.

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This week’s Cash Chat links

Chat 1: Save on fashion

How to spend less on fashion but get more – in store (Feast Style Thrive)
How to spend less on fashion online (Feast Style Thrive)
Six alternative ways to save on clothes and fashion (Be Clever With Your Cash)
Fashion and money (UK Money Bloggers)

Chat 2: Why you need to switch bank

My 11 current accounts, and why I’ve got each one (Be Clever With Your Cash)
The latest bank switching offers and deals (Be Clever With Your Cash)

Chat 3: Getting ready for the summer

Keeping food bills low in Spring and Summer (Feast Style Thrive)
Currency crash: my holiday just got a lot more expensive (Be Clever With Your Cash)

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