Cash Chats podcast episode 13 w/ guests Amy & Michael

This week I’ve been joined by two guests! Amy and Michael run the blog Mouthy Money.

We chat about Michael’s subprime mortgage trap, Amy’s upcoming wedding and how we find the best value booze.


It was a really fun episode to record, and slightly surreal at times (the taste of cider making you feel “like a raven is staring at you”). The logistics to get both guests together on the same Skype account without noisy air conditioning messing with the sound meant Michael and Amy were squeezed into a very hot, small broom cupboard type room. Still, they managed to survive for 45 minutes and deliver a useful and entertaining look at their finances.

I’ve put some of the key links to the topics we discussed below so you can explore them further. Plus you can subscribe via iTunes or follow on Soundcloud so you don’t miss an episode.


Links for this week’s podcast

Chat 1: Michael’s mortgage

Chat 2: Amy’s wedding

Chat 3: Best value booze

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