Cash Chats podcast episode 10 w/ guest Faith Archer

Following coffee gate at Waitrose we looked at whether you should expect something for nothing, discussed the realities of the low pound when shopping abroad, and talked about the top money lessons anyone can learn.

My guest this week was Faith Archer from Much More With Less. Faith isn’t just a money blogger, she’s also an award winning personal finance journalist, writing for the likes of The Times and Financial Times.
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Links for this week’s Cash Chats

– Faith on Twitter @wiserwealthier 
– Andy on Twitter @AndyCleverCash
– UK Money Bloggers on Twitter @UKMoneyBloggers

Links for chat 1: Money lessons

10 lessons I’d like to teach my daughter about money (Much More With Less)

Links for chat 2: Getting refunds

– The 1p tricks to get your “free” Waitrose tea or coffee (Be Clever With Your Cash)
– Fantastic freebies and where to find them (Be Clever With Your Cash)
– Download Chip on iTunes and get £10 free with code WV33X1
– Download Chip on Google Play and get £10 free with code WV33x1
Faith’s review of Chip (Much More With Less)

Links for chat 3: Saving on fashion

– Catch up on the UK Money Blogger twitter chat on saving on fashion (UK Money Bloggers)
– Currency crash: My holiday just got A LOT more expensive (Be Clever With Your Cash)


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