Cash Chats podcast 03 with guest Jane Taylor

In this week’s episode I’ve been joined by Jane Taylor from the blog Maflingo.

On the podcast we chatted about lowering the cost of driving, how anyone can get a student discount and our frustrations with loyalty schemes. For the links discussed in the show, scroll below the media player.

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Andy’s links from this episode

Cash hacks: How to get an NUS student discount card even when you’re not a student
Why I hate the Nectar points Double Up scheme 
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Jane’s links from this episode

30 tips to reduce driving costs
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UK Money Bloggers links from this episode

#MondayMoneyUK Twitter chat on loyalty cards

One thought on “Cash Chats podcast 03 with guest Jane Taylor

  1. Thank’s for featuring me, Andy. It’s a great idea for a series and a great way to discover more money bloggers.


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