Cash Chats episode 8 w/ guest Lynn “Mrs Mummy Penny” James

Decluttering, small print and financial independence for women are among the cash chats in this week’s episode.

I had planned a special episode with a couple of fellow personal finance podcasters to dissect the budget – which ended up being a bit of a non-event and wouldn’t have been a particularly interesting listen! So at the last minute, Lynn James from Mrs Mummy Penny jumped in as my guest and we discussed whether she’s been able to make money from clearing out her home, how it’s easy to get caught out by small print, and with it being International Women’s Day yesterday, we talked about financial independence.

Links to all the articles and other sites we spoke about can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Links for this week’s Cash Chats

Lynn on Twitter @MrsMummyPennyUK
Lynn’s book “Blogging your way to Riches” on Amazon 
Andy on Twitter @AndyCleverCash

Links for chat 1: Decluttering

Declutter your house to make money (Mrs Mummy Penny)
Clothing collection bags banned for being misleading (The Guardian)
Zapper app for old books, CDs and DVDs

Links for chat 2: Small print perils

The pain of buying  insurance (Be Clever With Your Cash)
Budget to set out plans for clarifying small print and ending subscription traps (AOL Money)

Links for chat 3: Women and money

Catch up on the UK Money Blogger twitter chat on Women and Money (UK Money Bloggers)
I quit my job and changed my career to something I love (Mrs Mummy Penny)

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