Cash Chats episode 33: Avoiding phone scams

This week on the podcast I want to share with you a couple of phone recordings I’ve made. Don’t worry I haven’t been hacking celebrities’ phones. Instead I’ve got a couple of calls made to me and my neighbour highlighting some of the different types of cold calling scams out there.

Hopefully you’ll get a sense of the things that point towards a fraudster, plus I share some ways you can make sure you don’t get caught out by even the most convincing scammer.

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2 thoughts on “Cash Chats episode 33: Avoiding phone scams

  1. Hi Andy. Just been listening to podcast about phone scams. Thought I’d mention that after recently getting a new BT phone (landline) it included a call checker. This has worked brilliantly and I have had no cold calls or sales calls since. As long as you feed in numbers you are happy to receive, all others have to be announced and then you decide if you want to answer them. Really pleased with this! I’m sure you know about these but thought if you are doing an update on this item, it might be worth mentioning. I think other makes do it as well. Kind regards, Ros.

    1. Oh, that’s really good. How often do you pick up the unknown calls? I guess the worry is you miss something important


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