Cash Chats ep36 w/ guest Emma Drew

Find out three easy ways to earn a little money on the side with this week’s guest Emma Drew.

Emma was one of the first guests on the podcast back in January so it was great to get her back on Skype following her Best Money Making blog win at the UK Money Bloggers SHOMO awards in September. I asked Emma to share three easy things anyone can do to make some money so listen in to learn about these simple side hustles.

First we discuss mystery shopping, then online surveys, and finally eBay reselling – all activities which earn Emma a healthy bit of extra cash.

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Show notes: this week’s links

Emma’s blog

Emma’s also running a challenge to help her readers make £1,000 before Christmas

Chat 1: Mystery shopping

What is mystery shopping? (Be Clever With Your Cash)

Chat 2: Online surveys

Emma’s top 10 survey websites (Emma Drew)

Chat 3: eBay reselling

10 things you need to know before starting a reselling business (Emma Drew)



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