Andy’s money makeover part 1: How to save £1,000 or more

The first part of my guide to help you save at least one thousand pounds.

One of the things I loved about working on the Channel 5 series Shop Smart Save Money was my weekly visit to a family struggling with their cash.

My challenge was to go through their bills and spending to find savings that added up to £1,000… and I did it! Every single week (19 in total), I managed to make some simple changes with big returns.

Everything I did with those families you can do at home, so over the next 12 weeks I’ll be sharing the tricks I use which will hopefully mean you’ve got £1,000 back in your pocket over the next year.

In this first episode of my money makeover series, I’ll be taking you through the important starting step which will help you cut back on some unnecessary spending.

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