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Andy Webb Be Clever With Your Cash

Hi there. I’m Andy – blogger, campaigner and mentor on all things money.

I’ve worked in TV and online as a journalist, researcher and producer, including the BBC’s Money Programme and the pioneering website MoneySavingExpert.com, and I’m a volunteer Financial Capability Trainer for the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. But most of my savvy saving experience comes from my day to day life.

When seeking out a new career – that elusive ‘thing’ which I’d love to do – my friends and family seemed to know before I did. When it clicked with me it was a no brainer. I always save. And I always spend. I always search for a bargain. And I always share that knowledge with friends.

Without realising it, I’ve been living my life by a mantra of saving whenever I can so I can spend on the things I love. I’m good at getting the most from my money. I enjoy getting the most from my money. But as a job? Surely not? Well I hope so.

I’m passionate about not wasting cash and I love the idea that I can help others achieve their dreams. I’m even getting a little evangelical about it all now I’ve started down this route (I may have to reign that in a little!). This isn’t about being boring and staying home. It’s not thrift for thrift’s sake. I want to show people the ways they can cut costs and make extra cash to fund everything from clearing debts and getting by to enjoying their passions and being able to afford those expensive life changing events like weddings and new babies.

My spending habits have changed over the years. Being clever with my cash has let me travel to Australia, Asia, South America and the USA. For a long time I was going to live gigs at least twice a month. And to do this, I just followed simple rules and habits to avoid wasting money.

Now though I’m saving for a wedding (!) and setting up this business, so holidays and concerts are on the back burner. But I’m still able to enjoy myself. I just need to be clever with my cash to get the best value.

The site is a work in progress. Over time it will grow with more tips and tools to help you. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to write about. I hope you save some money!


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