6 Tips For When You Need To Complain

Complaint letter Sometimes you need to complain and these 6 tips should help you get what you deserve. You can read my blog post about when it pays to complain here.

1. Know What You Want

You might not get it, but ask for what you want. If the meal was cold and took forever, they might say you can have a free desert. If that’s good enough for you fine, but personally I’d say I don’t want to pay for those particular dishes. See what you can agree.

2. Be Nice

Half the time it’s not the fault of the people you’re dealing with. They’re probably frustrated too. Even if they’re being really rude to you, try to be polite and calm.

Also don’t penalise the wait staff if service was fine but food poor. Get the money off the bill, and still tip.

3. Find Who’s In Charge

Sometimes you just need to speak to the right person, especially when contacting call centres. If you’re not getting anywhere ask to speak to the supervisor.

4. Send An Email

If you don’t think you’ll get any joy in person or on the phone, send an email to the main company or the manager. You’ll often find details on their website. It also avoids the endless Coldplay and Mumford & Sons you get when on hold.

5. Don’t Give Up

It only takes a few minutes to send to an email. Keep sending them until you get a response. Persevere!

6. Check It Happens

I’ve often been told something is sorted or that a refund was on its way, but nothing has happened. Look at statements and follow up.

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