6 Ways To Keep Your Money Safe Online

We’re all spending more and more money online. It might be convenient, but it’s also less secure.

Here are my top tips to keep your money safe online.

1. Only buy via https

When the start of web address says https rather than just http it means it’s being sent over a secure link. There will often be a padlock image next to it.

2. Don’t use unsecured public wifi

Yeah it might be free to use some random connection, but it also means you could be hacked. Your phone, mobile or internet provider might have an app that helps you find free and legit wifi.

3. Put a pin on your phone or tablet

If your phone is stolen or lost, then someone could access all your emails and notes. This could let them change passwords or hack details.

4. Only use trusted sites

If you don’t know the online shop or site asking for your details, research to see if there’s anything online about cons. If you find anything dodgy, stay well away.

5. Use Paypal / Credit Card

Both offer the buyer some protection if the deal ends up being too good to be true. You might be able to get your money back.

6. Keep your password safe

I know it’s a nightmare having different passwords for different sites, and not realistic for most of us. So as a compromise, make sure you have unique ones for online banking at least. If you’re signing up for mailing lists try using a different emIl address or log-in to the banking accounts too.


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