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If you’ve never used the John Lewis “Never Knowingly Undersold” promise to price match your shopping, here’s what you need to do to save money on your shopping.

John Lewis & Partners shouts very loud about how it’ll price match so you get the best price. And it’s put them in some financial trouble this year when struggling shops such as House Of Fraser and Debenhams ran sale after sale.

Still the department store is sticking with the policy, and it’s a good opportunity for you to not only save money, but potentially get longer guarantees.

However, getting a price match isn’t always plain sailing. I’ve used it a number of times now so here’s what I’ve learnt.

My tips to make sure the John Lewis price match works for you

Be persistent

Until last year I’d never actually tried it out, so when Selfridges ran a 20% off promotion during the Black Friday sales, I thought it was a good chance to assess it. Here’s the video I made about that experience.

My first call about price matching was positive – yes they would price match this promotion. But since I didn’t know the product number of the candles I wanted to buy I was asked to get that information and call back. But on that next call I was told John Lewis couldn’t price match it.

Confident that was wrong, I hung up and called again. This time I was told yes, John Lewis were price matching the Selfridges offer. Result.

Since then I’ve mainly been price matching online. Most of the time the applications have been successful, but at times I was told no. So I completed the form again – and a couple of times a different customer services person agreed to the price match.

That doesn’t mean don’t take no for an answer as you won’t be able to match everything. There are various criteria, such as the retailer has to have a physical shop, and the item must be exactly the same. Same colour, same flavour and so on.

You can read what counts, and what doesn’t, on the John Lewis website.

You need to fill in a new form for each price match request

This was an annoying bit of admin which surely could be easier. I had to fill in a separate form for each item I wanted to price match – and that even counts if you were getting different varieties of the same item.

Don’t assume something has already been price matched

When John Lewis says it’s “Never Knowingly Undersold”, that’s not true. If that was the case it would reduce items as soon as they honour a price match. But even when I’ve had a price match approved, the price on the website has stayed the same.

Also, when something is labelled as reduced as part of a price match, make sure you can’t get a better deal still elsewhere.

Don’t forget to claim your money

I was surprised that the price match wasn’t automatic when you bought something. Instead you have to buy it as normal and then claim the difference back to your payment card.

This is usually in an email with a reference number. Keep this in a folder so you don’t accidentally delete it. You’ll need it once you’ve made the purchase.

You can make a claim up to 28 days after buying something

Something worth remembering is you can make a claim four weeks after buying at John Lewis. So if there’s a promotion elsewhere that drops the price of your purchase, call up John Lewis and get a refund. Even if you’ve already submitted a price-match request. My mum has done this a few times and saved a fair bit of cash!

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