How easy is it to price match at John Lewis & Partners?

If you’ve never used the John Lewis “Never Knowingly Undersold” promise to price match your shopping, here’s what you need to do to save money on your shopping.

John Lewis & Partners shouts very loud about how it’ll price match so you get the best price. And in the past it’s put them in some financial trouble when struggling shops such as House Of Fraser and Debenhams ran sale after sale.

And there’s a strong chance the department store won’t be sticking with the policy. But for now it’s a good opportunity for you to not only save money, but potentially get longer guarantees.

However, getting a price match isn’t always plain sailing. I’ve used it a number of times now so here’s what I’ve learnt.

How the John Lewis price match works

The Never Knowingly Undersold policy says John Lewis will price match a high street competitor. So if you find an item for sale for less elsewhere, you should be able to get it for the same price at John Lewis.

Price matching criteria

There are various criteria, such as the retailer has to have a physical shop, and with multiple premises nationwide. This rules out online-only shops, factory outlets and pop-up shops.

The item must be exactly the same. Same colour, same flavour and so on. I was turned down once because a jacket had a slightly different colour blue lining.

You also need to ensure other terms are the same. So if it comes with a guarantee, is it shorter or longer? If there’s a delivery charge is it the same?

You can read what counts, and what doesn’t, on the John Lewis website.

You can make a claim up to 28 days after buying something

Something worth remembering is you can make a claim four weeks after buying at John Lewis. So if there’s a promotion elsewhere that drops the price of your purchase, call up John Lewis and get a refund.

You can do this even if you’ve already submitted a price-match request before buying, so it’s worth keeping an eye on price changes after making the purchase.

You need to fill in a new form for each price match request

This is an annoying bit of admin which surely could be easier. You have to fill in a separate form for each item I wanted to price match – and that even counts if you were getting different varieties of the same item.

You can also make a claim in-store or over the phone.

Don’t forget to claim your money

I was surprised that the price match wasn’t automatic when I bought something.

Instead I had to buy it as normal and then claim the difference back to my payment card.

To do this you’ll get an email with a reference number. Keep this in a folder so you don’t accidentally delete it. You’ll need it once you’ve made the purchase.

Here’s a video I made about my first JL price matching experience in 2017.

My tips to make sure the John Lewis price match works for you

Buy online

This is something I’ve only just discovered. At the start of March I bought a jacket and wallet in the John Lewis Oxford Street branch. Then a few weeks later lockdown happened and the shops closed their doors.

Online I spotted the jacket was reduced by £40 so I got in touch to request a price match. But it turned out the only way to price match something in-store is to go back to the store you bought it in!

That’s not always practical (I’m rarely in London), and it wasn’t even possible at this time at the shop was still closed. Despite the circumstances, I spend weeks going around in circles with the call centres and in emails- it looked like I wouldn’t be able to claim the money.

I eventually managed to get the Oxford Street store to retrospectively do this for me via the phone. But this took a lot of effort and was an exception due to Covid.

You might be able to go to a different store, but this wasn’t a possibility for me at the moment.

So the moral of the story is order online if you want to make it easier for you to price match at a later date. You can still choose to collect it in-store rather than get it delivered, and you’ll also get additional protections in case you do change your mind.

Don’t assume something has already been price matched

When John Lewis says it’s “Never Knowingly Undersold”, that’s not true. If that was the case it would reduce items as soon as they honour a price match.

In the past I’ve had a price match approved but the price on the website has stayed the same.

This means that even when something is labelled as reduced as part of a price match, make sure you can’t get a better deal still elsewhere.

Be persistent

The first time I tried it out, when Selfridges ran a 20% off promotion during the Black Friday sales a few years ago, I thought it was a good chance to assess it. And it wasn’t the easiest process.

My first call about price matching was positive – yes they would price match this promotion. But since I didn’t know the product number of the candles I wanted to buy I was asked to get that information and call back. But on that next call I was told John Lewis couldn’t price match it.

Confident that was wrong, I hung up and called again. This time I was told yes, John Lewis were price matching the Selfridges offer. Result.

Since then I’ve mainly been price matching online. Most of the time the applications have been successful, but at times I was told no. So I completed the form again – and a couple of times a different customer services person agreed to the price match.

That doesn’t mean “don’t take no for an answer”. You won’t be able to match everything, but if you think it’s a legitimate claim based on their criteria then it’s worth trying a second time if you are rejected.

9 thoughts on “How easy is it to price match at John Lewis & Partners?

  1. I’ve found the price match a waste of time. Because i click and collected and the shop i price matched against did not offer click and collect they refused to price match. If I had gone into the shop they would have! They wriggle out of price matching based on small print. I’m not surprised they are dropping “never knowingly undersold” as it is a lie.

  2. Do the in store ‘consessions’ at JL price match?

  3. Why not just buy from the store you saw the price 1st? Why go through the price match hassle. What are the benefits?

    1. Hi Matthew. A couple of big ones include longer guarantees than standard and the ability to price match again after purchase if the price drops again. Plus you might be able to save on delivery charges. Here’s a little more

  4. Will they price match a product with curry’s that isn’t currently in stock in curry’s but on the website stating the cheaper price?

    1. It has to be in stock. But if you can find a shop which does have it in stock that should count. You can try different postcodes on the Curry’s website

  5. I don’t think JL are worth price matching anymore. Just give other small retailers a chance!

  6. We did this with a TV and did it before we purchased and got the answer we wanted straight away and saved quite a bit of money. The main criteria is the matching shopping selling in the same criteria.

  7. Anthony Greenland June 30, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    I have given up trying to use John Lewis price match. Both times I have tried it they have taken a few days and come back to me to say they won’t price match because the cheaper offer is from a business without a physical shop, even though, in both cases, that wasn’t the case. If John Lewis is already cheap, I will buy electricals there if there is a good guarantee. Otherwise, I will go to somewhere like Richersounds, which will usually price match on the spot.


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