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Cash Chats is a weekly podcast Andy hosts to help you with your finances. He’s joined for these friendly and accessible conversations by a member or friend the UK Money Blogger community to cover topics as diverse as freebies and investments.

Cash Chats podcast episode 12 w/ guest Di Coke

A really fun episode this week as I'm joined by the "Super Lucky" Di Coke to talk competitions, misleading adverts and what we'd do with an extra £100 pounds. Plus, why we might go vigilante. I first met Di last year at the UK Money Bloggers awards, where she won the...

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Cash Chats podcast episode 11 w/ guest Georgie Frost

Join me and guest Georgie Frost as we discuss the cost of disability, ways to save cash when watching sport and the money lessons we're still learning. This week I've been joined by Georgie Frost. Georgie hosts the Share Radio Morning Show each weekday and I've often...

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Cash Chats podcast episode 10 w/ guest Faith Archer

Following coffee gate at Waitrose we looked at whether you should expect something for nothing, discussed the realities of the low pound when shopping abroad, and talked about the top money lessons anyone can learn. My guest this week was Faith Archer from Much More...

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Cash Chats podcast Ep07 with guest Moira O’Neill

I've been joined this week by Moneywise editor Moira O'Neill. We talked about fun ways to teach kids about money (including performance related pocket money!), how to boost your savings through high-interest current accounts or investing, and finally a few tricks...

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Cash Chats podcast Ep06 with guest Deepak Tailor

This week I've been joined by Deepak from Latest Free Stuff. Deepak knows all about how to get hundreds of freebies - his site Latest Free Stuff is full of them. Just hours after we finished recording the podcast a free Wilkinsons razor appeared in the post -...

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Cash Chats podcast Ep05 with guest Emma Drew

This week I've been joined by Emma Drew from Emma is the Queen of "side hustles" - or making a little extra cash - so we've discussed eBay reselling (her latest money maker), plus how to use refer-a-friend schemes to help you and your mates. Plus we...

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