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Cash Chats is a twice-weekly podcast Andy hosts to help you with your finances. At the start of the week he’s joined for these friendly and accessible conversations by a member or friend the UK Money Blogger community to cover topics as diverse as freebies and investments. Then on Thursday you can listen to a bonus “deals of the week” episode – a quick run down of the hottest offers from the last seven days.

Cash Chats #125 – Credit reports

This week I'm looking at a vital part of your finances - the information that banks, lenders and other companies use to work out whether they want to give you a product or money. Known as a credit report, it holds details of all your accounts, payment history and...

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Cash Chats #124 Automating your finances

If you want to take some of the effort out of managing your money then it's worth thinking about the ways you can automate your finances. Tricks include moving money between multiple accounts, making sure you don't forget payments, boosting your savings pot, switching...

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Cash Chats #122 – Making money part two

How side hustles can boost your income. In the second part of my making money series I've been joined by Ken Okoroafor from The Humble Penny blog to talk about how "side hustles" such as tutoring or setting up your own eBay / Amazon shop can make a big difference...

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Cash Chats #121 – Making money part one

If you're in need of some extra cash there are a couple of ways you can do this. In this first part I'm joined by money making blogger Emma Drew to talk about how things like online market research, eBay and receipt scanning can boost your coffers. Please do leave a...

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Cash Chats #120 – Save thousands on your mortgage

Probably the biggest purchase we'll ever make is going to be buying a house. But once you're on the housing ladder it doesn't mean you can't still make savings. In this week's episode I've looked at two key ways you can reduce the overall interest you pay, which can...

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Cash Chats #119 – Getting to payday

This week I've looked at what you can do if you think you'll struggle to have enough cash left towards the end of the month and your next payday. SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN TO OTHER EPISODES OF CASH CHATS (it's free!):  APPLE PODCASTS      GOOGLE ...

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Cash Chats #118 – Why you need to talk about dying

There are a couple of taboos people tend to avoid talking about. Money is one, another is dying. So combined must be some kind of super-taboo! But it's really important that you do have that conversation. Here's what you need to think about in terms of your own...

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