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Cash Chats is a weekly podcast Andy hosts to help you with your finances. He’s joined for these friendly and accessible conversations by a member or friend the UK Money Blogger community to cover topics as diverse as freebies and investments.

Cash Chats 64: How to pay when on holiday

Part two of my summer holiday specials, this time looking at the cheapest ways to pay when overseas, whether that's by cash or card. A full transcript can be found further down the page. This week's links How much your debit cards are costing you (Moneywise)...

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Cash Chats ep63: Fast Fashion

In this week's episode I've looked at fast fashion. Yes it's cheap, but when you factor in quality it can sometimes work out better value to spend more. Then there are the environmental and ethical consequences of producing so much disposable clothing. Listen in to...

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Cash Chats ep62: My holiday prep checklist

Oversized luggage, inadequate insurance and expired visas are just some of the ways I've been caught out on holiday. Avoid these and other mistakes by preparing for your summer holiday now. Sorry it's been a few weeks since the last episode - filming for Shop Smart...

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Cash Chats ep61: What’s wrong with the high street?

The high street has been back in the news with M&S and Carphone Warehouse the latest to announce massive store closures, and a survey from Which? revealing the shops we like the least. It doesn't look great for the high street. I now live in a relatively wealthy...

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Cash Chats ep60 – Wedding savings for guests and couples

Wedding season well and truly kicks off this weekend, so I wanted to talk about the ways you can avoid spending a fortune, both as a guest and if you're the couple tying the knot. Apologies for the lack of episodes over the last few weeks. I've started filming for the...

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Cash Chats ep 57: The companies keeping your money

Companies are happy to take our cash, but it's sometimes a different story when they owe us money. This week on the podcast I share how I've had to chase brands, from Three to Travelodge, for money they don't automatically pay me back. Tune in to find out where you...

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