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Cash Chats is a twice-weekly podcast Andy hosts to help you with your finances. At the start of the week he’s joined for these friendly and accessible conversations by a member or friend the UK Money Blogger community to cover topics as diverse as freebies and investments. Then on Thursday you can listen to a bonus “deals of the week” episode – a quick run down of the hottest offers from the last seven days.

Cash Chats #111 – Is it still worth saving money?

This week we've seen some of the top-paying and most popular savings accounts cut their rates at the same time that inflation has hit a six month high. Combined it's bad news for savers, meaning any money you put away is earning less and worth less. So should you just...

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Cash Chats #110 – Your forgotten cash

This week Tesco revealed how there are £17 million worth of Clubcard vouchers due to expire at the end of February. People have had the points for two years but forgotten that if they don't use them they lose them. So I've shared the different places you might have...

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Cash Chats #109 – Do you really need to switch bank?

This week on the podcast I've looked into whether you actually need to switch bank. Though there are certainly benefits for moving your banking, from higher interest on savings through to smart apps to help you budget, you might not actually have to switch to take...

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Cash Chats #108 – Cutting the cord on Sky and Virgin TV

If you get your TV via Sky or Virgin Media then you're paying far more money than you need to. It's possible to dramatically cut how much you pay and still watch all the channels you want. Yep that includes the likes of Sky Atlantic, Fox and Discovery, and even Sky...

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Cash chats #106 – Clearing your credit and store card debts

Mid-January is one of the peak times for people applying for balance transfer credit cards. In this episode I've explored how you can clear your credit card and store credit debts and reduce how much they're costing you. Find out how to make a 0% balance transfer card...

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Cash Chats #105 – Booking a holiday

January is peak holiday booking time, with "early bird" deals tempting people to book now and have something to look forward to during the dark winter months. In this episode I've has taken a look at whether you should be booking now, or if you should wait. Plus my...

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Cash Chats #104 – Was 2019 good for your money?

With the year (and the decade!) over, Andy has looked back at the big personal finance topics of the year to see whether it's been good or bad for you and your money. Plus, deals of the week. APPLE PODCASTS      GOOGLE      SPOTIFY...

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Cash Chats #103 – Should you buy now and pay later?

The good and the bad for borrowing money for purchases as 0% interest. 0% interest finance isn’t new. For a set period you can borrow money - usually for a large expense - and as long as you pay it off you don’t get charged interest. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing...

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