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6 Ways To Keep Your Money Safe Online

We're all spending more and more money online. It might be convenient, but it's also less secure. Here are my top tips to keep your money safe online. 1. Only buy via https When the start of web address says https rather than just http it means it's being sent over a...

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January’s Save-Ometer Total

Wow, this has been a big month. I'm really surprised by how much I've saved. The grand total (drum roll please...) is £1421.64 Some of the big savings: A big chunk is because our fridge freezer packed up. Quite timely as there were some great deals in the sales. For...

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6 Basic Banking Terms

Here are 6 Basics terms to help you understand your bank. 1. DEBIT A debit is when money is withdrawn from your account. So your debit card and any direct debits are debiting (taking away) money from your balance. Your bank statement might have a little D next to...

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8 Credit Card Basics

APR? Balance Transfer? Confused by credit cards? This Be Clever Basics explains what you need to know in 8 short and easy to understand points.

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