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Take a look at all the blog posts Andy has written and find hundreds of tips and tricks to help you be Clever With Your Cash.


8 Credit Card Basics

APR? Balance Transfer? Confused by credit cards? This Be Clever Basics explains what you need to know in 8 short and easy to understand points.

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About Me

Hi there. I'm Andy - blogger, campaigner and mentor on all things money. I've worked in TV and online as a journalist, researcher and producer, including the BBC's Money Programme and the pioneering website, and I'm a volunteer Financial...

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The 2014 Save-Ometer starts here!

I know people can save plenty of money with Be Clever With Your Cash. I know because I already do. But how much? To be honest I've no idea! So the mission I've set myself is to not just have a spending diary, but also a saving diary. Everything I save I'll put into...

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When Sales Aren’t Actually Savings

If you’re like me, then you love a bargain.  Offers, reductions, sales. They’re like honey to a bear. A bargain is a win every time right? Well, no.  Sometimes, just sometimes, I buy things I don’t need just because the price is irresistible. I know, I know. Silly me....

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