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Do supermarket cashback apps really save you money?

Should you bother with cashback apps such as CheckoutSmart, ClickSnap, Shopmium, Green Jinn and Topcashback to bring down the cost of your supermarket shop? I've reviewed and rated each one. Contents How supermarket cashback apps work The best supermarket...

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Cash hack: Get “work perk” discounts and a cash bonus

Make between £15 and £300 via cashback sites and then save regularly at big brands including John Lewis, Tesco and Odeon. Contents About perk schemes, and how the hack works What you get from Scottish Friendly's scheme Discounted gift cards Cheap cinema tickets...

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The problem with Just Giving and Virgin Giving

Who you use to fundraise and donate money with can affect how much money the charity gets - so it pays to use an alternative to Just Giving. CONTENTS The problem with Virgin Giving and Just Giving Where your money goes when you donate Additional Charges to the...

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Swap old clothes for H&M or M&S vouchers

Planning on upgrading your wardrobe? Get rid of some old gear to help save on something new.  CONTENTS Recycle clothes at H&M and get a £5 voucher Donate M&S clothes to Oxfam and get a £5 M&S voucher TK  Maxx and Cancer Research donations...

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Irrelevant Savings Accounts: Why Cash ISAs are dead

Why I don't put my money in a Cash ISA. When my friends talk to me about savings, they always mention ISAs. It's where they've always been told to save their cash (though they don't quite understand why), and they've dutifully stashed as much of their savings in one...

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How much mobile data do you really need?

You're probably paying for far more data than you actually use. Here's how to work out the right allowance for your phone. Contents  How to check how much data you use  How to reduce how much data you need Reduce how much you pay for your mobile data...

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The foods you can freeze… and the ones you can’t

Don't just fill your freezer with ready meals and ice cream. There are loads of surprising foods you can freeze to help you avoid food waste and save some cash. CONTENTS What foods you can freeze What foods you can't freeze Some articles on the blog contain...

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