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The corner shop stamp rip-off

Watch out when you're buying your stamps - some retailers will be adding a hefty markup. With most things I buy, I expect prices to vary from shop to shop. Bigger retailers will often try to undercut each other to attract your business. Smaller shops might have to...

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Tricks to get you free delivery

I hate paying for delivery, so I've found five ways you can get your goods sent to your home for nothing.When I order online my expectation is delivery should be free. It's nonsense when you think about it. There are costs for staff to pack and deliver that need to be...

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Tricks to afford an annual rail season ticket

Save hundreds of pounds on your rail commute by spreading the cost of an annual season ticket. Every January trains fares jump up, and 2018 will be no different. It's been announced tickets will go up by an average of 3.1% from January 2nd. And even though it's less...

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What you should be asking for this Christmas

If you’ve got family and friends asking what you want this Christmas and you’re struggling for ideas I’m here to help.This isn’t one of those gift list guides that crop up everywhere from glossies to blogs. They’re often just lists of overpriced items the writer has...

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How to make the most from Amex Shop Small

One of my favourite deals is back! Get £5 back when you spend £10 at small shops during the American Express Shop Small event. Contents How to make the most of Amex Shop Small How to find out what shops are taking part How to get an American Express credit card...

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Changed your mind? Your refund rights

When you can get your money back, and when you can't. We’ve all made that impulse purchase that turns out to be not such a great idea. Sometimes we realise too late and we’re stuck with it. But if you know you don’t want or need something soon enough, then you might...

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Zeek Extra review: Get a 7% boost on your shopping

Get a 7% bonus when you top up on Zeek Extra, which you can put towards new gift cards including John Lewis, M&S and Argos.* 7/2/19 - it looks like Zeek is in financial trouble. I'd avoid using it until we know more * Contents What are Zeek Shop and Zeek...

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How easy is it to price match at John Lewis & Partners?

If you've never used the John Lewis "Never Knowingly Undersold" promise to price match your shopping, here's what you need to do to save money on your shopping. John Lewis & Partners shouts very loud about how it'll price match so you get the best price. And it's...

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My Black Friday Bootcamp – get yourself fighting fit

The things you should do BEFORE the Black Friday sales begin. Black Friday is nearly here. Most of the shopping is going to be done online, and we've not seen the violent scenes of a few years ago for a while now. But that doesn't mean you can't start getting ready...

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