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Cheap chicken isn’t something to shout about

Iceland has launched, what it claims, are the cheapest supermarket chicken breasts - and I'm not happy. Late last week a press release popped into my inbox. The title read "Chick this out! Iceland launches lowest price chicken in the UK". You can see some of it in the...

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Debenhams in danger – your rights

The department store has gone into administration.It's no surprise that Debenhams has been struggling, with rumours abound for ages that it couldn't cope with the realities of modern shopping. Now it's entered into administration, meaning it's searching for new...

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Seven steps to get the best value hotel rooms

Get the best price on hotels, motels and resorts with these tips.On most of my holidays it's accommodation which is biggest expense each day. But this article isn't about finding the cheapest possible hotel room. Don't get me wrong. I'm not someone who goes for luxury...

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Got a Nationwide current account? Do this now!

It's your last chance to open up a 5% Regular Saver, with the Building Society scrapping the high-interest savings account on the 5th April. Contents What's happening Who can open a Nationwide Flex Regular Online Saver How to open a Nationwide Flex Regular...

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How to get free Amazon returns

The reason you pick for returning an item can affect how much money you get back. Contents Amazon's returns policy When Amazon will charge you to return items When Amazon won't charge you to return items How to return things to Amazon Some articles on the blog...

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