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Take a look at all the blog posts Andy has written and find hundreds of tips and tricks to help you be Clever With Your Cash.


Cardless payments explained: how Apple and Android pay work

Apple Pay has been big news, and other brands such as Android and Barclays are coming up with their own ways to pay without cash or cards. This Be Clever Basics guide gives you the lowdown on going cardless. This article was originally written in July 2015 and has...

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Clever Site: Compare estate agent fees

Find out the fees and performance for estate agents if you're thinking of selling your house. Buying and selling property is something I've never quite got around to writing about on Be Clever With Your Cash (possibly because it's a frequent topic over at Your Money...

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Being clever with MY cash – January to April 2016 update

It's May... how the hell did that happen? So, four months into 2016 it's time for the first update on my challenge to live my life by the tips I write. I'm keeping track of every penny I spend - and every penny less I pay thanks to the tips and tricks I write about on...

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10 top tips from BBC Rip Off Britain Food

In my day job at the Money Advice Service, I occasionally pop up on radio and TV to talk about money issues. This week I was on Rip Off Britain Food, BBC One's long-running daytime consumer series. Rather than a standard interview, this time I was out and about...

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Cheap food tricks: spend less at the supermarket part 2

I'm not suggesting you go all Extreme Couponer on me, but even if you follow just a couple of these cheap food tricks, you should be able to cut your supermarket bills each time you shop. I wrote a few months back about how to avoid getting caught out by special...

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How we saved thousands on our wedding

The list of pressures surrounding a wedding is too long to list. It's your BIG DAY. It has to be PERFECT. But worries about everything going to plan, or if people will have a good time, are dwarfed by the general insaneness of just how much weddings can cost. The...

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Are festivals worth the money?

Seeing your favourite bands in a field can cost a lot of cash. I've taken a look to see if festivals are worth the money and if there are ways to spend less on a ticket. Pretty much every summer I'll head to a festival (or two). The line up is my biggest consideration...

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Is it worth getting an ISA?

If you're thinking about opening a new ISA, it has probably never been so confusing. Low interest rates, bank account bonuses, rule changes and new types of ISA have all come along at the same time. The point of an ISA is to earn interest on your savings, but as I...

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Andy’s Amazing Savings: Topcashback & Quidco cashback

I'm more than £1,500 better off thanks to these cashback websites. Amazing Savings are the brands I really rate to save you some cash. Or in this cash, make some cash. I've just cashed out £190 received from switching my broadband, and £4 from my Mother's Day...

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