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My holiday checklist

When you go on holiday there's bound to be something you forget - but I'd much rather leave behind my toothbrush than head overseas without checking off these money matters from my holiday checklist. This week I'm going on a hen do (yes, that's right, a man going on a...

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How I’ve made more than £2,300 from bank switching

Cash bonuses, cashback, interest and vouchers are just some of the perks I've got by opening and changing current accounts. It's nearly three years since the seven-day bank switching service launched and with it a series of great offers to tempt you to change bank....

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How I found £600 of lost cash

Since January I've boosted my bank balance by £600. This isn't down to tricks or being thrifty. Instead, it's thanks to paying attention to my finances - and it's all money I would have missed out on if I'd simply "not bothered". For anyone who thinks checking bank...

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Five times you’re probably wasting money 

You might think you're alright with money, but there's a good chance you're doing (or not doing) one of the following - and it could be costing you hundreds of pounds! 1. Paying for something you don't use Netflix? The gym? If you're paying for them but not using...

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New TSB cashback credit card: do I need my Amex?

There's a new cashback credit card in town from TSB, offering 1% back on your spend. I've crunched the numbers to see how it compares to other cards. This month TSB launched the Platinum 20 Month Purchase Credit Card. What makes it interesting is it offers 1% cashback...

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Free broadband offers: do the adverts add up?

In my latest in an occasional series on whether the savings promised in adverts add up, I've taken a look at promises of free broadband. If you take a look at most broadband adverts, you'll see "Free broadband!" proudly splashed across them in the biggest font....

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Cardless payments explained: how Apple and Android pay work

Apple Pay has been big news, and other brands such as Android and Barclays are coming up with their own ways to pay without cash or cards. This Be Clever Basics guide gives you the lowdown on going cardless. This article was originally written in July 2015 and has...

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