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Happy 2nd Birthday Be Clever With Your Cash

Celebrate with some of the blog's biggest money savers. Woah. Time flies. Be Clever With Your Cash is two! Well strictly speaking it's two years and three days old. I forgot, but it's not like I forgot a person's birthday is it. I'd never do that. Well, rarely....

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Barclays Blue Rewards: Does the advert add up?

This Barclays Blue Rewards poster tells us we can make savings of up to £180. Does the advert deliver on its promise? I'm a pretty chilled out person and tend not to let the little things bother me. But there are a few small annoyances that will make my blood boil....

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Spend less at the supermarket part 1: Deciphering the deals

The problem with special offers in supermarkets is they're, well, not all ways very special. Misleading language, complicated deals and the desire to bag a bargain sometimes make us spend more than we should. So how do you know if it really is a good deal? There's so...

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The 9 money apps I won’t go without

If I had it my way, I'd throw out my wallet and do everything digitally. My phone has gradually replaced or enhanced how I pay for things - I must use apps for at least half my high street shopping. I've recently worked with other money bloggers as part of my UK Money...

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How to get cheap cinema tickets

If you're a film fan, there's nothing like watching on the big screen. But prices can be high. So here are my top ways to get cheap cinema tickets. By combining these money saving methods, it's rare that I'll pay more than £6 to see a movie. It's even possible for me...

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Ask Andy: What’s going on with my ISA?

ISAs can be a little confusing. I received this email last week from one of my readers worried they'd lost their interest. Hi Andy, In the run-up to Christmas (okay, from October) I managed to open-yet-not-read-carefully a letter from Halifax, warning me that my ISA...

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O2’s iPhone rip-off

Watch out! Choosing the wrong option at O2 when you buy an iPhone could cost you hundreds of pounds! A few weeks ago I wrote how about ways to save money on your mobile phone contract. One of the top tips to cut your bill is to buy your phone handset separately, and...

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