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The seven levels of Talk Talk hell

Unlike the famous Nine Circles of Hell by Dante, the Talk Talk customer experience hell only has seven levels. But they are a living nightmare and I'm struggling to find my way out. You might remember back in the summer I wrote how I was leaving Talk Talk when they...

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The best UK money blogs

I'm never great with showing off. If I was American I'm sure it would be different. But I'm British and for some reason I'm uncomfortable with saying "Hey, look what I did". However I know I should be telling you about this thing that happened to me last night. I am...

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Never pay full price… On iTunes or Google Play

Other than Amazon, if you're buying digital music, films, book or apps there's a good chance it's from either Apple's iTunes or Google Play. But rather than just linking your accounts to your debit card, there are ways to make sure you're always paying less than full...

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Cash hack 4: Get a free theatre upgrade

Theatre tickets are expensive, especially in London's West End. But - and there's no guarantee - but there's a trick to get a top price ticket for much much less. High prices mean I rarely go to see plays and other shows now, with even mid-price tickets more than £40...

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Is the new RBS / Natwest Reward account any good?

With the news that Santander were upping the fees on it's admittedly very good 123 current account, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to undercut their offering and tempt disgruntled customers away. Well from 12th October, Natwest and RBS are launching...

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