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Take a look at all the blog posts Andy has written and find hundreds of tips and tricks to help you be Clever With Your Cash.


Cash hack: How to go to festivals for free

Volunteer for a few days and you don't need to pay for a ticket to festivals big and small - from Glastonbury through to Reading/Leeds, and All Points East to Rewind. I love music festivals but sadly I don't go to as many as I used to. In part that's because many of...

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Cash savings to beat inflation

Even with inflation falling, low saving rates mean you're losing out in real terms. So what can you do? Here are my top places to put your cash to make as much as 5%. Contents 5% interest for all 3% with the potential for 5% for all 5% regular savers if you have...

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Tricks to help your freezer save you money

Whether taking advantage of reduced food and special offers, trying to avoid food waste, or building up an emergency stockpile, your freezer is a fantastic money saving device.  CONTENTS Five ways a freezer saves you money Freezing rules Freezing hacks Some...

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Are your debts a problem?

Seven questions to help you decide if your debts are worse than you think. The average total debt per UK household is currently £59,261 according to the Money Charity's latest figures. That's a mix of credit cards, loans and other types of borrowing such as mortgages....

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Be Clever With Your Cash is five!

The highlights for me and the blog over the last 12 months. I don't write about me and the blog itself very often, but I find this anniversary each year is a good time to reflect on everything that has been going on. It's actually been a huge year, with lots of change...

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Get 50% off Domino’s Pizza every time

Here's a great trick for a half-price pizzas voucher code at Domino's every day of the week in London and Yorkshire. Takeaways aren't great for your waist or your wallet, even when you're using a voucher code. But there's no reason they shouldn't be an occasional...

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How to beat broadband price hikes

It's not all bad news when your broadband provider increases prices. You've got an opportunity to see if you can get a better deal. When you sign up for something, you expect the prices to stay the same while you're in contract. But sadly the likes of BT, Sky and...

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How to save at the cinema every day of the week

Don't pay over the odds to see a movie. You can pay less than full price for cinema tickets every single day of the week! Contents Midweek cinema deals Weekend cinema deals All week cinema deals Some articles on the blog contain affiliate links, which provide a...

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How to stockpile for an emergency

With more and more people building up a Brexit stockpile, should you be building up some emergency supplies? Contents Why Stockpile? Stockpiling rules Extreme stockpiling What if we end up not needing a stockpile? Some articles on the blog contain affiliate...

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