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How to cut the cost of your broadband and landline bills

It's easy to pay far more than you need on your phone and internet service, but it's also pretty easy to cut £100s off your annual bill. I'm currently paying the equivalent of £19 a month on my landline and 100mb broadband with Virgin. That's £28 a month less than...

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Barclays Blue Rewards review – is it worth it?

Barclays customers generally get a poor deal for bonuses and freebies compared to other banks, so I've taken a look to see how the Blue Rewards scheme matches up, and whether it's worth switching for. I've written a few times before about why you really should think...

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Are you overpaying for an old Sky TV package?

Legacy Sky TV plans could be costing you more than you need to pay. Earlier this year Sky TV shook up its channel list and plans, making it cheaper to watch TV via the satellite broadcaster. Except if you're on a "legacy" package, such as Original, Variety or Box...

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New savings accounts offer 1.5% – how do they compare?

Interest rates on easy access savings accounts are starting to increase thanks to new accounts from Marcus by Goldman Sachs and the Savings Builder by RBS. It says a lot about how poor the savings market has been recently that people are excited about accounts...

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Duty-Free shopping: Does it really save you money?

Are the Duty-Free discounts as good as they seem, or can you do better on the high street? I quite enjoy a mooch around Duty-Free at the airport. Not only is it the only time I ever drink whiskey in the morning (it's only a tiny free sample), but it's a chance to save...

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Ways to manage your money and mental health

Ignoring problems with money or your mental health can make the other worse - but there are things you can do to reduce the impact and stay in control. Often people think of mental health in relation to serious conditions such as bipolar or depression, but it's...

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More than books: How your library can save you money

From borrowing books to downloading newspapers, ebooks and magazines, libraries offer a great free alternative to buying things you'll only read once. Contents Borrow free books Download free e-books and audiobooks Get free digital newspapers, magazines and...

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