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How to save on music streaming 

Unless you're a vinyl aficionado, the smart money when listening to music is to stream it online. Use the different sites and services cleverly and you can listen for free for nearly 18 months. A few years ago I sold half my CD collection. Now I wish I'd sold it all....

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Guest blog: can you go zero waste?

Five tips to reduce waste and save some cash at the same time. I sometimes struggle to balance by money saving antics with my ethical principles. As I've written about before there are few items I'll happily spend more on than I need to, and often that's down to...

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Video: how to save money on Uber rides

Uber can be a cheap way to get around a city - but it can also prove expensive with "surge" pricing and a new waiting time. I don't use Uber that much, but I know lots of people who just "grab an Uber" rather than consider if there's a cheaper option. Still I do use...

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Is the Sky VIP scheme worth staying loyal for?

Sky has introduced a new loyalty scheme promising free movies, downloads and discounts on set up fees. I've taken a look at what Sky VIP is, and whether it's any good. If I've said it once, I'll say it again. Loyalty rarely pays. Yes it's nice to get the odd freebie...

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How to beat the plastic carrier bag charge

I'm drowning in plastic bags. I counted 57 before I gave up. We've all got too many, so anything to make us stop using them - like the 5p charge introduced nearly two years ago - is a good thing. Yesterday I was invited to speak on the Eddie Nestor show on BBC Radio...

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