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Apps to take advantage of your open banking data

From analysing your spending to automating savings, sharing your banking data can help you better understand your finances. There's been a huge amount of coverage in the press about "open banking" - a new rule the banks have to follow that means they have to let you...

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The expensive dates you can’t afford to forget

Whether you have a budget or not, it's easy to forget big, annual expenses. Because they don't happen every month, it's things like Christmas, birthdays and holidays which tend to escape our minds when we look at our bank balance. And forgetting about them means we're...

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Video: How to keep saving once you’ve started

It's easy to start saving. The difficulty is sticking to it so you actually get the money you need. In this video I share the easy things you can do to keep you motivated and disciplined when saving. Read more: >> How to get...

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My Black Friday Bootcamp – final part

Black Friday is nearly here! So if you've got yourself ready to buy what you need, I've a few extra tips to make sure you save even more! Watch my latest video explaining the tricks that'll make anything I buy in the Black Friday sales even better value. Missed the...

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My Black Friday Bootcamp part 2

Know what you want and how much it should cost. In part two I'm sharing how you can make sure you don't overpay in the Black Friday sales. Plus how to avoid getting carried away and buying things you don't need. Missed part one of my Black Friday Bootcamp? Watch it...

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Cash hack: get free Amazon Prime for 6 months

Little by little, Amazon are making their Prime subscription service more appealing. But at £79 a year, my view is that it's not quite worth the outlay. But this trick will get you six months for free. This cash hack will cost you between £25 and £30, but you'll...

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Black Friday Bootcamp part 1

Two things you should do BEFORE the Black Friday sales begin. Black Friday is nearly here so I've a series of videos to help you get you get ready for the big sales. In this first video I'll share the two things you need to do now before you've even thought about what...

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Missed a flight? Don’t miss out on this tax refund

Even if it's your fault you don't make the plane in time, you can still get part of the fare back - whatever the reason you don't fly. A few weeks back I was due to fly from London to Los Angeles with my wife Becky. Some bargain Norwegian Air flights would get us...

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If time is money, am I really making a saving?

I can spend hours finding the best deal and getting the best value I can - whether it's an online supermarket shop, switching my broadband or buying a fridge. But I'm starting to wonder if the time it takes could be better spent. How much do you earn an hour? I bet...

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