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Save money at M&S Simply Food

Deal stack to bring down the cost of a supermarket shop at Marks and Spencer. Find out below how I recently saved 57% on food and drink! I'm starting a series of articles showing the tricks you can use to pay less at popular shops and first up is Marks and Spencer...

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I’m not bothering with the new cash Lifetime ISA…yet

Should you jump to get the first cash LISA? For most savers, I think the answer is no. You've possibly heard about the new Lifetime ISA - or LISA - that was launched in April. I say launched, but there were only three providers who offered it back then, and only as...

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Festival ticket money saving tips

It's practically June, so the UK festival season is officially open. Here are my tips to help you be clever with your music money. Most years I'll make it to a festival. It could be a weekend away camping, it could be a day in the city. Most likely it'll be wet, and...

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Guest blog: Get selling on eBay

Earn extra cash by selling the stuff you don't want or use. As you know, once a month I ask a money blogging friend who's an expert in something I don't normally write about to share their experiences and tips. When (or if) I use eBay, it's generally just as a buyer....

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Listen to the phone scammers trying to take over my computer

This scam could let tricksters take over your computer - and steal your cash. A couple of months ago I shared how scammers had repeatedly called my landline pretending to be from TalkTalk. Well, a new bunch are at it. The latest con artists called my mobile phone and...

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Swap old clothes for H&M or M&S vouchers

Planning on upgrading your wardrobe? Get rid of some old gear to help save on something new. H&M and M&S both have schemes that let you swap old clothes for vouchers. It's a great way to clear the clutter and save at the same time. Plus it's far better that...

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Be Clever With Your Cash is Financial Blog of the Year!

Wow, this was a bit of a surprise. Last night Be Clever With Your Cash won a big award - Financial Blog of the Year at the 2017 Headlinemoney Awards. These annual awards recognise the best in personal finance journalism, with hundreds of journalists and publications...

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How I manage my multiple bank accounts

There are some great deals available to get you to open new bank accounts. In fact, it's the best way to max your interest on cash savings, with up to 5% available. But to really take advantage of the deals you need to have more than once account - and this can put...

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