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Cash hack: How sharing saves me money

Sharing is caring. From splitting Spotify to passing on unused cinema discounts, these simple tricks can cut your costs or get you extras for you and your friends. You know by now I'm always after the best deal I can get. And sometimes that best deal is thanks to my...

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Register to vote – and boost your credit rating

There's an extra benefit if you register to vote in the General Election this summer. Well, no one expected that did they! A snap election on 8th June - just seven weeks away. Well, as well as deciding who runs the country, you can actually use your vote to boost your...

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What can you do if your debts are getting too big?

Find out the steps to take to get on top of your debts. Are you worried by your debts? In the latest of my monthly guest posts from subject specialists in my UK Money Bloggers community, I've asked Sara from Debt Camel to hopefully make things a little clearer. Thanks...

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How to save money on car parking

My tips to help you pay less for parking your car. It was a nightmare week on the tube last week, with delay after delay. Worst was Wednesday when half the Central Line was closed, stopping me and Becky getting into town. I had a presenting gig for a bank brand (just...

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Is the new NS&I 2.2% savings bond any good?

When the chancellor announced a new Investment Guaranteed Growth Bond last Autumn, it sounded like a good idea. This week the bond became available to savers, and I've taken a look to see if you should get one. Savings rates suck. Most people are getting far below 1%,...

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What you can do if your bank branch closes

Every year more bank branches are closing down - but does it really matter? Here's what you can do if your local shut its doors. Where I live there have been three banks for as long as I can remember. Until last year that is, when the HSBC was shut down. Now the...

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Spendonomics: Chocolate

Revealed: the cost of chocolate. Plus how to get it for less. Ah Easter, the time everyone stuffs their face with chocolate eggs. Lovely. But I've taken a look at how much your chocolate fix - at Easter and over a whole year - is costing you. Plus I've got a few tips...

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Is this your last chance to use the NUS card trick?

Not a student? Don't delay if you want to take advantage of this loophole and get a student card. One of the first articles I wrote for Be Clever With Your Cash back in 2014 was how anyone can get a student discount card. Yes even non-students. I've written about the...

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Tricks to choose better value wine at the supermarket

How much of a difference does it make where the wine is from? Is there a sweet spot where the price of a bottle and taste meet? This and more revealed below. Just over a month ago I shared a video with you where my wine expert friend Rob and I looked into whether it...

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