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Dining cards compared – are they worth it?

Tastecard, Dine, Meerkat Meals, Gourmet Society and Hi-Life Diners Club all offer 2-4-1 dining or up to 50% off your meal. They sound great - but are they worth shelling out for? You know me, I'm always looking for deals and discounts, and dining cards seem like a...

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How to save on music streaming 

Unless you're a vinyl aficionado, the smart money when listening to music is to stream it online. Use the different sites and services cleverly and you can listen for free for 12 months. A few years ago I sold half my CD collection. Now I wish I'd sold it all. Bit by...

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Is your holiday protected?

Whether you book through a travel agent or do it yourself, there are a few things to look for to make sure you're protected financially if something goes wrong on your holiday. Personally I always book my holidays myself, nabbing the best deals from different sites....

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Barclays Blue Rewards review – is it worth it?

Barclays customers generally get a poor deal for bonuses and freebies compared to other banks, so how does the Blue Rewards scheme matches up? With the news that Barclays is increasing the monthly fee for it's Blue Rewards scheme in August, I've taken a look at...

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Simple ways to save money at festivals

Though tickets are usually the headline expense when you go to a festival, it's easy to spend hundreds more when you finally get there. But there are easy ways to bring down those costs. Last year at a festival I took a moment to record a quick video explaining some...

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How to save money on car parking

My tips to help you pay less for parking your car. As someone who generally gets around on foot or public transport, I rarely have to deal with car parks, but when I do, it's usually more hassle than they need to be. For instance, last year on a weekend trip to...

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Travel money: my top ways to spend on holiday

With peak holiday season almost here, it's a good time to talk about travel money - and the cheapest ways to spend abroad. It's possible to save hundreds of pounds just by choosing the best way to pay when abroad. Of course, this all depends on where you go, the type...

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Deciphering supermarket deals

Avoid these common mistakes when shopping at the supermarket. Some articles on the blog contain affiliate links, which provide a small commission to help fund the blog. However, they won’t affect the price you pay or the blog’s independence. Read more...

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Credit cards, Section 75 and your consumer rights

Buy something worth more than £100 with a credit card and you could get your money back if it's broken, doesn't get delivered or the company goes bust. Some articles on the blog contain affiliate links, which provide a small commission to help fund the...

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