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How to quickly clear your credit card debt

Your credit card bill is probably costing you more than you think. But you can fix that and save money by clearing them as quickly as you can. I try to pay by credit card as much as I can for two reasons. One, I earn 1% cashback on most of my spending, and two, I know...

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What are loyalty card points worth?

If you're like me, you'll have a few loyalty cards in your wallet and swipe away when you get to the till. But do you have any idea what the points are worth? Do you even use them? Is there any point to the points? Well, taking the last question first, yes, I'd say...

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How to protect yourself against future bank IT disasters

Three steps to take, whatever bank you're with. As I wrote this week, the TSB online banking meltdown has been a disaster for many of the bank's customers. But though this has been ridiculously severe, it's not the first time IT systems have failed at one of the big...

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Why you still need to watch out for 0845 and 0870 numbers

The numbers that can add a fair whack to your phone bill. Becky and I have a joint account for our bills. We get 2% cashback every month for the majority of them, making us a handy extra stash of cash. Checking the account a few months ago I noticed rather than £11,...

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TSB online meltdown: Your rights & should you switch?

What you need to do if you're a TSB customer, and my thoughts on if you switch to or from the bank. Between us, Becky and I have six TSB Classic accounts. Two personal ones each, and two joint accounts. We opened them a few years back when we could get 5% interest on...

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First Direct’s new switching offer – is it any good?

Rather than £100 in cash you'll now get to choose from travel vouchers, tech or e-courses if you move to First Direct. One of my top ways to make some easy money is to switch bank for a cash bonus. Over the years I've made around £650 just from these switching bonuses...

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How to stack deals, and save even more money

The tricks to help you use more than one deal and get the biggest savings when you shop. You all know I love getting the best value I possibly can for my money, and one of the best ways to do this is via deal stacking. It's a very simple concept. You first find one...

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How to pay less tax (without going offshore)

You don't need to be a dodgy tax avoider to take advantage of schemes to lower your tax bill. This week news broke that 181 footballers were being investigated by HMRC for tax avoidance. It’s not much of a surprise. Last year we learned the tax avoiding tricks of...

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