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How to watch live football for less

Even though there's loads of footy shown on TV, it's never quite the same as watching it live at a stadium. But it can be pricey to support your team in person. I'm a Crystal Palace fan, and heading to Selhurst Park is one of my 'luxuries', especially now that I've...

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Is the latest model worth the extra money?

I found two TVs on sale which were practically the same - but had a £250 difference in price. Sometimes a new version is blatantly different, even if the main reason for change is to generate more sales. A new football kit, for example, will look different to the...

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Amazon Prime review: Is it worth the money?

Wondering whether you should shell out for Amazon Prime? I've been using it for the last two and a half years, putting me in a good place to assess the pros and cons. Below I've outlined what you'll get if you sign up, as well as a few ways to get it for less. Then at...

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Can split tickets really cut the cost of train fares?

Train tickets aren't cheap, so any trick to bring down the cost is welcome. Ticket splitting, where you buy individual tickets for parts of the journey rather than just one return, is hyped as a top way to save. But is it? Sadly in my experience, it's rare that a...

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The cheapest ways to get Wimbledon 2018 tennis tickets

Wimbledon is one of the highlights of my summer, even though getting a ticket to see the tennis isn't always cheap or easy - but you can do it on a budget. Here's how. I've been lucky to go to around half a dozen championships at the All England Club, including one...

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Online supermarket services compared

From minimum orders to whether the drivers will take your delivery past your front door, see how the different supermarkets compare when you shop online.There's so much that annoys me about online grocery deliveries, but it is convenient - particularly for heavy...

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£1k challenge: Frankie & Scott

My final £1k challenge of this run of Shop Smart Save Money covers savings, holidays and cashback credit cards. I freely admit I'm a bit of a money saving geek, so I have a decent arsenal of tricks and tips which I doubt many actually use day-in, day-out like me. Even...

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Are recipe boxes worth the money?

Are you overpaying for convenience when you order a Gousto, Hello Fresh or Simply Cook box?I get the idea behind recipe boxes. You get to try new meals, you don't have to buy more ingredients than you actually need, and importantly, you don't need to go to the...

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