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Cut the cost of using your mobile phone abroad

Don’t blow your holiday budget on your mobile bill. Over four nights in New York this June I pretty much only used my phone for maps and researching places to eat and drinks, so not a huge amount. But on my return, a text message from Three informed me the cost of...

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How to get the best value sun cream

Save money without sacrificing the protection you give your skin. Is a branded sun cream any better than a supermarket's own version? And what should you be thinking about other than the SPF number? I've taken a look at how to make sure you're not overspending...

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Travel money: Find the best currency exchange rates

Here's how to get the most Euros, Dollars and more for your Pounds when you're getting travel cash for your holiday. The last time I went overseas the bulk of my spending was with my credit card (a fee-free one naturally), but from giving a tip through to buying from...

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Should you use an automatic energy switching service?

Companies such as Look After My Bills and WeFlip promise to take the effort out of energy switching. Here's what you need to know. You can save hundreds of pounds every year by switching your energy provider. You already know this though, right? So why am I telling...

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Last minute holidays – the best way to book

Does a package holiday beat booking yourself? And where to find the best deals.  As a kid I remember the days of Teletext, watching the late holiday deals pages go around, frantically scribbling down the phone number and prices before the pages disappeared. It...

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Beat the Virgin Media price hikes

Letters are being sent to customers detailing increases to bills later this year. But you might be able to use it to cut what you pay. I feel like I write about broadband and TV price increases every few months... and that's not far from the truth. This time it's the...

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How to refill your water bottle for free

Reuse and refill to save money. Though the summer hasn't really got going yet this year, we're promised a heatwave this weekend. And that means it's more important than normal to keep hydrated when out and about. Yes a cold coke can be good, and apparently, a hot...

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The best debit and credit cards to use abroad

Monzo, Starling, Tandem, Halifax Clarity and more compared for overseas spending. If you're heading out of the UK then one of the best ways to spend money is to use a specialist card. Use the right one and you could be getting near perfect exchange rates. Use the...

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