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Is Amazon Prime Day any good?

Amazon's member's only sale is back in July. Can you nab a bargain, or is it just a big PR push? As with Black Friday, it's easy to get caught up in the frenzy of Amazon's Prime Day sale. There are so many offers, each of them seeming to have huge discounts that even...

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Curve smart card and app review – plus get a free £5

If you've got multiple debit and credit cards bulking out your wallet or purse, then Curve could be for you. I've been trying out the Curve card for a while now, and it's just been properly released for everyone to get their hands on it. Find out what I think in...

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Why I didn’t tell you I went on holiday

I've just got back from a week away. But I didn't post any pics on Facebook or Twitter while I was away. I didn't mention it anywhere on my blog. Of course I wanted to. Surely the whole point of holiday snaps on social media is to say "look at me having a lovely time...

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It pays to complain

Don't let bad service leave you out of pocket.  Obviously no one wants to complain. It's far better that things go right rather than wrong and we get the service or products we expect. And most of the time that's what happens. But sometimes things don't go right...

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Will a water meter save you money?

I've had a water meter for 12 months now - has it cut what I pay each year? Water meters can really divide people. Some can save a decent chunk of cash every year, but others can see their bills rocket. I've always been unsure about them, but now after a year of being...

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The cheapest ways to get Wimbledon 2019 tennis tickets

Wimbledon is one of the highlights of my summer, even though getting a ticket to see the tennis isn't always cheap or easy - but you can do it on a budget. Here's how. I've been lucky to go to around half a dozen championships at the All England Club, including...

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Dining cards compared – are they worth it?

Tastecard, Dine, Meerkat Meals, Gourmet Society and Hi-Life Diners Club all offer 2-4-1 dining or up to 50% off your meal. They sound great - but are they worth shelling out for? You know me, I'm always looking for deals and discounts, and dining cards seem like a...

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