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Video: How to get free or cheap tap water when out and about

It's been so hot recently so I've made sure I've got a bottle of water on hand to help cool down - but what happens when it runs out? Well you could spend £1 plus from places like Pret, or you could follow one of these tricks to cut your spend. Plus, the laws on free...

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When Direct Debits are a bad idea

Most of the time paying your bill by Direct Debit will save you money - but if you're not careful they can also end up costing you hard earned cash. "Pay by Direct Debit to save" is a message you'll see on most bills. And most of the time it's true. From gas and...

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The cheapest ways to get Wimbledon 2017 tennis tickets

Wimbledon is one of the highlights of my summer, even though getting a ticket to see the tennis isn't always cheap or easy - but you can do it on a budget. Here's how. I've been lucky to go to around half a dozen championships at the All England Club, including one...

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Chip savings app review

With interest rates of up to 5%, can this app help you save? FinTech - or financial technology - is big businesses. Every week a new app launches which promises to revolutionise your finances. Some of the innovations are quite exciting, others I'm not so sure about....

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Video: How this pink Oyster card reader can save you money

Spotted these pink Oyster card readers around the London Underground and Overground? There's a reason they're pink, and it could save you cash on your journey - if you're not going through zone 1. Watch the video to find out more. You'll...

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Cut the cost of using your mobile phone abroad

Don’t blow your holiday budget on your mobile bill. You might have seen headlines this week about "Roaming" charges being scrapped. New EU rules mean from 15th June 2017 it'll be illegal for you to get charged extra for calls home when within Europe, so everything...

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Save money at M&S Simply Food

Deal stack to bring down the cost of a supermarket shop at Marks and Spencer. Find out below how I recently saved 57% on food and drink! I'm starting a series of articles showing the tricks you can use to pay less at popular shops and first up is Marks and Spencer...

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I’m not bothering with the new cash Lifetime ISA…yet

Should you jump to get the first cash LISA? For most savers, I think the answer is no. You've possibly heard about the new Lifetime ISA - or LISA - that was launched in April. I say launched, but there were only three providers who offered it back then, and only as...

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